The Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated by Steph @ Lost Purple Quill – thank you so much!  I’m glad someone else in the book blogging world shares my obsession with pho and One Direction.

The Rules:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.

7 Random Facts:

1. I worked at the Ben & Jerry’s factory – you know, the famous one where they do tours and you can visit the Flavor Graveyard and all that jazz – for six consecutive summers.  That’s loosely where my blog title comes from – when I was studying abroad in Italy I needed to come up with a url for my study abroad blog, so I just took the translation of the Ben & Jerry’s slogan ‘peace, love, and ice cream’ (pace, amore, gelato) (which is my twitter and instagram handle)…. and then swapped ice cream for books for this blogging endeavor.

2. My favorite country I’ve been to as a tourist (so I’m excluding the US and Italy from this category) is Belgium.  The fact that I went there in December and still loved it is a testament to how gorgeous it was, because usually I’m miserable going anywhere in the winter.

3. I’m obsessed with theatre – tragically there isn’t a very good theatre scene where I live right now, but whenever I’m in a big city I have to see at least two or three shows.  My favorite musical is Les Miserables which I’ve seen somewhere around 12 times.  Some other highlights of my theatre-going experience include A View From the Bridge (Broadway 2016), The Crucible (Broadway 2016), Fun Home (Broadway 2015), Merrily We Roll Along (London 2013), Skylight (Broadway 2015).  I usually do the thing where I stand in line for a million hours first thing in the morning to get discounted tickets.  In all kinds of weather.  It’s been… interesting.  But usually worth it.

4. I hate watching sports and I’m the least athletic person in the world, but the one huge exception is tennis.  My dad teaches tennis for a living and I’ve been playing since I was three years old, so I love watching and playing it.  My favorite player is Andy Murray.

5. I’ve been a vegetarian officially for a decade (and before that ate meat only very rarely) and I love it.  I’m pretty healthy about it too, but I have such a weakness for bagels and pasta.

6. My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is black tea which I drink plain without milk or sugar, and my favorite alcoholic drink is a gin + tonic.

7. I don’t watch a lot of TV and films, but what I do watch is so nonsensical (and for the most part, extremely lame).  I’m literally obsessed with the CBS reality series Survivor and have seen all 33 full seasons multiple times; I’m hooked on British soaps despite being American (Coronation Street is pretty much my favorite show ever); and I’m not a big movie person, but I’m obsessed with Colin Farrell and am slowly working my way through his filmography.  In Bruges is my favorite film of all time (I worship at the altar of Martin McDonagh), probably followed by Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life.  There is no making sense of my taste in visual media.

I nominate:

10 is a lot.  How about half that?  Nominating:

Chelsea @ Spotlight on Stories

Ann @ Ann Reads Them

Zuky @ Zuky the Book Bum

Jessica @ An Introvert’s Adventures in Reading

Alienor @ Meet the Book World

Though obviously don’t feel like you have to do this if you don’t want to.

17 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Oooh thanks so much for nominating me, Rachel! I love black tea too and Belgium is lovely! I’ve only been there twice, once on a school trip (a long time ago) and recently again as a tourist, and loved it both times. I’d love to go again and stay a bit longer and see other places than just Brussels lol.

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    • I’ve only been once, and spent most of the week in Brussels but also went to Bruges, which was so gorgeous. And miserably cold. But it kind of heightened the experience. It’s one of those places that’s almost better to see in the winter, which is not a sentiment I feel very often.

      The weather’s finally warm enough that I had my first iced tea of the year yesterday, so that was quite exciting! #teaaddict

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      • Ah man I want to go to Bruges. I went to visit my best friend there last year, in October I think, because she worked in Brussels then, and it was great in autumn too. I misjudged the weather a bit though so I caught a cold on the last day, because of course XD Definitely will try to go in winter though! Ooh now I want iced tea haha must fix that!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh that sounds like so much fun! Minus the cold, obviously. I don’t know anyone who lives in Brussels so I stayed in a hostel, which was okay, but the location was really central so that was nice. I went with a friend, but our schedules didn’t match up perfectly, so I was alone for the first few days when I got there. But there’s something really serene about traveling alone without an agenda, so I loved it. And was allowed to eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate with no judgement.

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      • Yeah it was great! She was only working there for a few months so she was like “why don’t you come visit while I’m here and just stay with me?” so of course I went. Plenty of cheap tickets from Norway to Brussels too and on such a short trip I’m not fussy. And I totally agree, I love exploring a city or whatever without a set plan. Hahaha oh god, there was so much chocolate. So freakin’ much.

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      • That was the BEST thing about Europe, how easy it is to travel to different countries!! I’ve never been to Norway but I’d love to go. It looks beautiful!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know right?? And definitely come to Norway! Either winter or summer, I feel fall and spring are sort of off-seasons. Or spring is nice if you come in late May, or around the 17th (because national day celebrations are worth experiencing, especially if you’re in Oslo). Winter is probably nicest if you go up north, but summer is nice all around no matter where you go, I dare say. Unless it’s raining. Okay, sooo tips you didn’t ask for, I’m sorry! Haha

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      • It’s all good, I am always down for random travel tips!! I think I’d want to go to Oslo – I live in a really rural place, so visiting small villages doesn’t hold much appeal for me, even though they’re pretty. I’m definitely a city traveler. And the national celebrations in Oslo sound really cool! I haven’t been to Europe in a few years and there are soooo many places I want to visit and revisit. This is exactly like the TBR, come to think of it. There is just so much!

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      • Same here, I also come from a rural place so it’s more interesting seeing cities. Oslo is nice, and Trondheim too, I went to uni there. It’s further up north and a bit more medieval and prettier than Oslo. Haha oh god, a to-be-visited list. Too much stuff!

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  2. Wow you’ve seen Les Mis 12 times?? Have you seen in all different places? I saw it in the West End in London while I was studying abroad in England and it was hands down the best show I’ve ever seen. I tried reading the book while I was in college, but…reading a 1,000+ page book and taking college courses at the same time was really not a recipe for success haha.

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    • My friends and I are a little Les Mis crazy! I actually read the novel before I’d ever seen the musical (I wasn’t really into musical theatre when I was young, ironically), but I loved the story so much I had to check the musical out and then it spiraled into a total obsession. I’d highly recommend the book, too, now that you don’t have college classes to distract you!!

      And yep, I saw the US tour in Boston in 2012, I saw it on the West End a couple of times my study abroad year, I saw a terrible high school production that I’m counting because I did not suffer through that not to be able to add it to my list, and the rest are from this most recent Broadway production.

      And that’s awesome that you studied abroad in England! Were you in London or somewhere else?

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      • Ahh that’s awesome! I would definitely love to see it again one day. I always wish I could have seen Carrie Fletcher play Eponine! And I’ll definitely have to give the book another try…it’ll probably reignite my love for it all over again. And I studied abroad in Leeds, up in Northern England in Yorkshire. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life and I definitely need to go back some day. Where in Italy did you study?

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      • That’s so cool! I’ve only ever been to London, but I’d love to explore other parts of the UK one day! Were you there for a year or a semester?

        And I agree, study abroad was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I was in Bologna! I loved it so much. I really need to go back one of these days.

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      • I was there for the spring semester of my junior year, so about 5ish months. I had a bus pass and explored all the surrounding towns, it was so easy to get around there. But I did do some outside travel and I’ve been to Venice and Rome, which were amazing. I had so much gelato there, lol. If I could choose another country to just tour all over I’ve always wanted it to be Italy or Ireland. How long were you there?

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      • I miss the public transportation in Europe!!! And I love both Venice and Rome, and obviously the gelato. I did my whole junior year abroad so I was there for ten months total. I’m dying to go back. And I would absolutely love to tour Ireland, I’ve never been but it seems so beautiful!! I’ve always wanted to take a few weeks and tour the UK. So many places to visit and re-visit!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah I know! I’ve been to a few different places in Ireland and it’s one of the most beautiful and greenest places I’v ever been. I got really lucky and had some sunny days there, which is rare. But I definitely support touring the UK, Scotland is also wonderful!

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  3. Thanks for nominating me Rachel! Bit of a busy week here with three birthdays and Easter prep, but I’ll be back to blogging this weekend and will get to it then!

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