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I was tagged by Christen @ Read by Chris for the Get to Know Me tag – thank you!!  Sorry it took so long to get around to this.  Anyway, go check out Chris’s blog, she’s awesome!

Name: Rachel

Nicknames: Some people call me Rach, I guess?  If that counts.  I don’t have a lot of nicknames.

Birthday: March 31.

Star Sign: Aries.

Occupation: I work for an international book distributor.  What that means is our company has a representation agreement with certain publishers, and we promote their books to our client base (mainly in Central and South America).  We then supply our customers with their book orders so they don’t have to order directly from the publishers, which saves the customer money in international shipping fees.  Usually I say I work at a book distributor and I get ‘oh cool, I love bookstores.’  Nope, not a bookstore.  I wish I got discounted books from work.  I’m afraid not.


Hair color: Naturally brown, highlighted red and blonde.  Senior year of college I dyed my hair red all year because why not, and then when I went to a stylist after I graduated to dye it back to my natural color she was like, ‘the red is so fun though, can I try something with it?!’ and I said ‘sure’ and we arrived at my red-blonde-brown hybrid thingy that I’ve been rocking now since 2014.  After I get it done it looks like it does in my profile picture here, but the red washes out quickly, and I haven’t gotten it dyed since… November or December (I have an appointment on Monday, yay) so now it’s just brown with blonde highlights.  That was a long answer.

Hair length: A bit past my shoulders.

Eye color: Hazel.

Best feature: … the aforementioned hair.  Also, eyebrows.

Braces: Twice 😦  I have a lot of dental issues, to put it mildly.

Piercings: Just my ears, but I actually haven’t worn earrings in probably around 5 years, so I doubt I’d be able to get an earring in at this point.  I’m not sure why I did that, I guess I just wasn’t feeling it for a while.  I’ve finally been considering getting them re-pierced, though, I just keep forgetting about it.

Tattoos: None, and I don’t want any.  It’s not the needles/pain, it’s my personality.  I get really intensely obsessed with certain things for years, and then the obsession fades and I’ll find a new thing.  At this point in my life I’d probably get a tattoo of a line from the Iliad or something, and in ten years I’d look at it and go ‘Rachel why.’

Right or left: Right handed, left politically.


Holiday: Absolutely no idea.

Best Friend: My friend Sarah who I went to elementary school with, we were friends in high school too but we both had different best friends by that point so we weren’t as close.  I’m friends with her on Facebook but we haven’t talked in years.

Award: No clue!!  I won an international poetry contest when I was about 11, so maybe that.

Sport: I’ve played tennis since I was 3.  When I started playing I was so small I couldn’t hold the racquet properly so I had to use two-hands, and I still hit with a two-handed forehand to this day.

Concert: The exact same as Chris who I’m copying this survey from – A*Teens and Aaron Carter.  I went for the A*Teens, who were my elementary school obsession – Aaron Carter was just an unfortunate side effect.


TV shows: Survivor, Six Feet Under, Coronation Street, Downton Abbey back when it was good (I have Really Strong Opinions about how Thomas Barrow deserved better)… I don’t know!  I used to watch Breaking Bad when it was still airing…. and I used to be obsessed with Doctor Who, pre-Moffat era…. I don’t know.  I’m bad at TV.

Color: Red.

Song: Conversation 16 by The National // Nude by Radiohead // Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead.  Probably one of those.

Restaurant: The Smith in New York.  If you live in NYC, stop what you’re doing and make a reservation to eat brunch there.  Their avocado toast changed my life.

Shop: Lush Cosmetics.  I hate clothes shopping, but I could spend an hour (and a small fortune) in Lush.

Books: My about page should give you some idea.

Shoes: I have these white flats from Modcloth that I’ve nearly worn to death.  Usually I just wear tennis shoes though, if I’m being honest.


Feeling: A bit stressed – it’s been a rough week, work wise.  But my friend Hadeer is visiting me tomorrow – yay!  So I’m excited for that.

Single or Taken: Single, contentedly so.

Eating: I just had some strawberries.

Thinking About: What to make for dinner.

Watching: This computer screen.

Wearing: Jeans, tennis shoes, black t-shirt, seafoam green hoodie.  #fashionista


Want Children: Not at all.

Want to be married: I don’t really care either way, to be honest.  If Colin Farrell is single I meet the right person, great.  If I don’t, oh well.

Careers in mind: I’ll probably continue working in publishing in some capacity, either as an editor or a literary agent… But if someone wants to pay me to review books, I will not say no!  (I’ve always fancied the idea of being an author, too, but I have the most debilitating writer’s block, mainly because I never seem to have any ideas.  I’m a good enough writer when I actually… have something to write about.)

Where you want to live: Ugh, isn’t that the million dollar question.  My whole life is in the US northeast and I know I want to live in a city, so I’ve mainly considered New York, Boston, and Montreal, all of which I’m decently familiar with/comfortable in.  But I’ve also thought about LA… I don’t know.  And I’d love to live in Europe, but that would be difficult.  I wish the world were smaller, sometimes.


God: I’m afraid not.

Miracles: Not really.

Love at first sight: No.  That’s lust, not love.

Ghosts: No, but I’m fascinated by the concept of ghosts.  I’d way rather read a ghost story than any other kind of paranormal story.

Aliens: Of course.  Probably not little red people who live on Mars and speak perfect English, but it’s impossible that in this vast universe we’re the only sentient life.

Soul Mates: Not in the predestined sense, but I’m sure some people feel that profound connection with their partners, and if they want to call that connection ‘soulmates,’ fine.

Heaven: I really wish I did, but no.

Hell: Nope.

Kissing on the first date: Sure.

Yourself: At times.

Not tagging anyone specifically, do it if you want!  And tag me so I can read your answers.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. I just finished packing, finally! So excited!

    This tag/meme thing reminds me of the memes we used to do on Livejournal. I think I’m gonna do this one!

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  2. I love Doctor Who! The RTD era is far and away my favorite. I feel like it lost a lot of steam after Moffat took over. Series 8 was a particularly glaring low point when it became the Clara Who show. Although, I am enjoying this new series thus far. Moffat seems more laid back in this old-age with the show and it feels more like RTD now imo.

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    • Yes!!!! Yet another thing we have in common! I LOVED doctor who back in RTD era, and then it just all went to hell. I hated that it was all flash and no substance, which isn’t even to mention the sexism etc. And I never particularly warmed up to Eleven, which I blame entirely on the script because Matt Smith is a good actor, I just wasn’t feeling it. I actually only made it through Twelve’s first episode, I finally decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I keep hearing this most recent season got better though, so I really need to get back into it one of these days!


  3. I agree with you about Doctor Who! It’s one of the only shows I made a choice to just give up on and stopped watching it. I liked Eleven, but mostly I loved River Song, so when she left, I left. Clara and Twelve I just found so boring and lacking. I felt like they were trying to hark back to the older seasons of the show with and older man for the doctor, and I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

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    • I liked Amy and Rory and River a lot but was kind of sick of them by the end (and I couldn’t stand Eleven, entirely because of the way he was written and having nothing to do with Matt Smith, who’s great). Honestly I haven’t really ‘loved’ a Doctor Who character since Ten and Donna. I only made it through Twelve’s first episode, and it was so frustrating because I love Peter Capaldi and Jenna Colman as actors, but there’s only so much they can do when their script is total shit. Maybe when Moffat leaves I’ll pick it back up – I miss loving Doctor Who!

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      • Ahh I loved Donna! She was definitely one of the best companions. I did like Amy and Rory a lot, but like you I wasn’t heartbroken to see them go. Doctor Who is so fun when it’s good. I even went to the Doctor Who Experience that’s in Wales when I visited while studying abroad, and got to see all their costumes and stage props and stuff.

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      • I will never stop being heartbroken about Donna!!!! I also loved Rose and Martha, but Donna’s ending DESTROYED ME.

        Ahhhh that is so cool!!! Oh my god, I would have been so jealous back in my prime Doctor Who days. I’d still love to go if I’m ever in Wales, even if I’m not as obsessed now. The costumes and props are so amazing, I bet it’s so cool to see them up close.

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