vacation hiatus

NYC vacation from June 10 – 19!  Yay!

I’ll still be reading your posts and comments with the WordPress app, but probably no posts or reviews from me until I get back.

Before I go, very important question: What’s your favorite bookstore in NYC?  Other than The Strand because that’s obvious.  I always spend hours in The Strand, but I want to check out some other bookstores this time!

And, books aside, what’s your favorite thing to do in New York?  I don’t necessarily need recommendations, because I’ve been there quite a few times and done most of the main touristy stuff by now, but I’d love to hear some of your favorite things to do in the city 🙂

26 thoughts on “vacation hiatus

  1. Have a great time! I have had the privilege of going to New York twice. Sounds like you are a seasoned New York traveler. =) One of my favorite things to do outside of museums, and wandering around the streets of New York aimlessly, is going to Broadway shows!

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    • Thank you!!! I’m pretty lucky – my local airport has a direct flight to JFK for really cheap, and one of my best friends lives in Brooklyn so I get to stay with her, so all things considered I can do a trip to New York for not much money!

      I love going to the theater!!!! That’s one thing I always do as well. I think we’re going to see Great Comet later this week, and we’ve talked about trying for Shakespeare in the park, and we’re entering the daily lotto for Sweeney Todd, so fingers crossed! I rarely buy tickets in advance, usually it’s a spur of the moment decision since last minute tickets are so much cheaper.

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  2. Have a great time in NYC. I recently just went to Books of Wonder and that was a cute small little store. They specialize in Children’s books and Young Adult books. They have a lot of authors come in so you may find some signed books. I know amazon just opened up a store by Columbus Circle.

    I live in NY so when I can I’ll check out Broadway shows and sometimes go to museums. Time Out New York is super helpful cause that tells you what is going on for the week just in case you’re not sure what to do. Enjoy your stay!!

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    • Thank you for the recs!!! I’ll definitely check out Books of Wonder – I’ll be in that area at some point anyway so that’s perfect.

      Broadway and museums are my favorite things as well! Since it’s five million degrees today and most museums are closed on Mondays (except the Met and MOMA which I’ve been to a hundred times) I was kind of dreading finding something to do, but I ended up taking a book to the lake at Prospect Park and it’s lovely!!!


      • I would also recommend checking out Smorgasburg as well. On Saturdays it is in Williamsburg and on Sundays it is in Prospect Park.

        Oh wow that’s awesome. I actually live right by Prospect Park and that’s always a nice go to when theres nothing else to do. Plus now that it’s summer they have the concerts going on at night. I don’t know anyone preforming there but it’s free so might also be worth checking out if you want something to do at night.

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      • Oh wow, that’s so cool that you live near there! It’s such a beautiful area. I’m staying in Dumbo right now which is also gorgeous (and giving me major apartment envy because I could never afford to live here.) I love all the free events in New York, it must be so exciting to live somewhere where there’s always random concerts and things.


      • Oh wow how cool. Dumbo is so nice especially right by the water. It’s such a pretty area. It is awesome expect now that I’m working I can’t enjoy the free stuff as I’d like to 😦 It is nice to know something is always going on though. Where are you from?

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      • It’s gorgeous here!!!! Ugh I’d love to live in this area. One day. When I’m a millionaire. I’m from Vermont! It’s just a 40 minute plane ride which is why I end up visiting New York so often, it’s just really convenient.


      • Oh that’s awesome that you come here a lot. New York is such a fun place. I’ve never been to Vermont but I’ve always wanted to go. I love traveling so I wanna try to go everywhere.

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      • You should definitely come to Vermont!!! There’s not A Lot to do, but if you like nature it’s gorgeous in the summer and fall! And winter, I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.


      • I’m always down to check out amazing scenery. It sounds like it would be a nice relaxing getaway. I’m always down for that. How was the rest of your trip to NYC? What else did you end up doing?

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      • Relaxing getaway is the perfect way to describe it. It’s just night and day different from New York. Have you lived in NY your whole life?

        My trip was really great up until the very end where my flight home got cancelled and I ended up having to stay an extra 24 hours, which sounds nicer in theory than in reality. But otherwise, fantastic. Let’s see, what did I do… I spent a lot of time at Prospect Park, did the whole Wall Street/Trinity Church/Charging Bull & Defiant Girl/9/11 memorial/Battery Park thing, went to Chelsea Market, Washington Square Park, The Frick which I’d never been to, The Met which I’ve been to a hundred times, ate A LOT of food lmao, and saw Great Comet and the Off-Broadway production of Sweeney Todd twice, which is a phenomenal production that I’m officially obsessed with. And I met up with a bunch of my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, one of whom was randomly in town visiting from London, so that was great as I hardly ever get to see her. It was a lot of fun!

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      • Yeah I’ve been a New Yorker my whole life. What about you have you lived in Vermont your whole life? My boyfriend and I were looking to go away the past weekend because they’re filming in our house and Vermont sounds like it would have been such a nice place to go away for the weekend. Just planning last minute makes everything expensive.

        Oh no having a cancelled flight is the worst. I’m sorry that it ended up delaying you for a whole 24 hours. Your trip sounded like it was amazing though. There is a lot of stuff you listed that I’m actually dying to go to. It’s funny cause I live in New York but never really take advantage of everything but this weekend I actually went out and discovered some new stuff. I ended up going to the amazon bookstore and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It was a bit cramped in there and didn’t have a huge selection. What is the Frick? I’ve actually never heard of that. It sounds really interesting. Omg how did you like Great Comet and Sweeney Todd? I am seeing Great Comet in July. So I’m excited for that. I wanna see Sweeney Todd. On today tix they have a thing were you can try to win tickets for like 30 bucks or something. I’ve been trying but haven’t won yet. I do wanna see it. I really liked the movie and was excited when I saw it was made into a show. Broadway is so much fun. I have friends who go all the time. They recently saw Hamilton. That’s the one show I wanna go to but it’s impossible. I’m glad you got to see all your friends too. It sounds like you had a good trip!


    • So it randomly just occurred to me just now that I never replied to your most recent comment, and apparently this layout won’t let me to reply to it, so I’m replying to an older comment instead… WordPress is confusing. Also, sorry for the delay! Busy week.

      So to answer your question, I have lived in Vermont for (most of) my whole life! I was born in San Diego and lived there until I was five, but then my family moved to Vermont and have been located here ever since. I did go to college out of state, so I’ve lived a few other places in the meantime.

      Ugh, Vermont can get really expensive, I totally get it. Especially because there aren’t many hotels and hostels here, just a lot of overpriced inns and B&Bs. It’s actually a kind of tricky place to stay if you’re not just driving through!

      That’s too bad that the Amazon store was a letdown – maybe in time the selection will get a bit better?? The Frick is an art museum in the UES – there are a lot of lesser known paintings by major European artists. It was cool! I’m a big art geek so I love stuff like that.

      Great Comet I had mixed feelings about – it was so eclectic and weird and just not what I was expecting at all, but once I was able to adjust my expectations it was a fun ride. Josh Groban’s performance was really outstanding and I’m sad he’s leaving. I hope Oak is good though! I just wish I’d known a bit more about the story going into it, because there is a LOT going on onstage and it’s kind of hard to follow… the weird fusion of different musical styles took some getting used to as well. But at the same time I did enjoy it?! I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.

      Sweeney Todd though was STUNNING. We kept entering the lotto and losing so eventually we just bought tickets, which was expensive but so worth it. The performances were amazing, and it’s in this tiny theatre that only seats 80 people so it’s a really intense and intimate experience. Good luck with the lotto, I hope you win one of these days!


      • WordPress is a hot mess I swear. Sometimes I’ll come on here and I won’t look at my notifications and I’ll maybe look at people’s posts and I’ll write a post and then the icon by notifications will be gone when I didn’t even look at them yet. I never understand why it does that.

        Oh wow San Diego is awesome. I was living in L.A. for an internship for like 2 months a couple of years and I went and it was awesome. I wish I could have stayed there longer. I really wanna go to San Diego Comic Con so bad. We have New York Comic Con but a lot of the bigger celebrities that go to San Diego don’t come to New York. Where else have you lived?

        Ah I didn’t even think of that since they’re aren’t many hotels it makes things pricier. That is such a struggle but I do hope one day I can go there. It sounds like it would make a nice weekend trip so just a couple days will be fine. One day I will go.

        Yeah I think also because the amazon store is so new so it was overly crowded. I couldn’t walk without bumping into someone else. So that didn’t make it very enjoyable. They did have a section where it was if you like this then you’ll like this which barnes and nobles doesn’t have. It would be cool if they did that. It would be cool if it helped you find books that aren’t super popular.

        Oh interesting lol I don’t know much about the story either so I’m sure I’ll go in feeling a bit of the same way that you did. I just know it’s based off a book. I really don’t know much else. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it. My friend saw it as well and she was telling me how she enjoyed it. I think she said they hand out stuff to the audience. I could be mistaking it with another play though. I remember the theater looked really nice though. I really want to see The Play that Goes Wrong. I got my dad tickets and I was suppose to go but had to skip because of work. He said he really liked it and it was super funny. So that’s at the top of my list.

        I’ve been forgetting about the Sweeney Todd lotto but now I’m ready to try again. That sounds like so much fun. I like the small more intimate theaters. It sounds like it really adds to the experience. If I don’t win lotto I’m probably just going to see about buying tickets. I really liked the movie and from what you told me it sounds like something I can’t miss. I’m looking it up right now. Omg the first thing I looked up was for California and it was saying how it was only until July 1st and then got extended until July 7th. I was going to be so upset. Thankfully this one is until December. I have plenty of time to get on this.

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      • The functionality of this website is ridiculous. I love the WP book blogging community so I’m still glad I chose this platform, but I wonder sometimes if the blogspotters have a better website over there…

        Ahhh San Diego Comic Con seems amazing! I’d love to go one day. And that’s so cool that you lived in L.A., that’s one of the places I’m considering living when I move, but I’ve never actually been there so I’m a little intimidated!

        I went to college in New Orleans and did a year abroad in Bologna Italy, so along with Vermont and SD that’s everywhere!

        Ugh I went to The Strand once on this most recent trip and it was insanely crowded. I’d never seen it so packed. I ended up spending about five minutes there before leaving. That really does have a huge impact on your experience with a bookstore. I’m glad I’d been to The Strand before, or based on that trip alone I probably would have hated it.

        Yeah, they do hand out stuff in Great Comet! Try to catch a pierogi. They’re really good. That’s too bad you weren’t able to go to The Play That Goes Wrong 😦 It looks hilarious! I wish I’d been able to see that one as well.

        Good luck with the Sweeney lotto!!! One day my friend lost the lotto but a couple of minutes later got a second email asking if she’d like discounted tix for about $70, which I hadn’t realized was an option with this show, but apparently it is!


      • sorry it took so long for me to write back I’ve barely been on this week. I came on to write one post. I’ve been slacking. 😦

        Right I’ve been really enjoying WP’s community. It took me a little while to get into this but now I’ve been dedicating more time to my blog I hate when I don’t get time to post. It sucks cause my job pretty much takes up most of my time. I’m really getting into the the community though. It’s so nice meeting new people and making new friends. I went to Book Con this year and omg I was a whole different person. I was talking to a few people and If I saw someone wearing something I liked I would tell them. It was such a nice experience and everyone was so friendly.

        LA is nice. I enjoyed it a lot. It just was tough cause I didn’t really know anyone there and I didn’t drive but it was so beautiful. I miss it so much. I feel like main LA where The Chinese Theater is, reminds me so much of Times Square. I love the El Capitan Theatre. If you’re into Disney you need to go there. It honestly is such a fun experience.

        Wow that is so awesome. I love New Orleans. It is such a fun time there. It’s such a great experience. Oh wow and in Italy too? That is so awesome!! Did you end up traveling a lot? I’m going to Italy next month. I’m excited to go back it’s beautiful there. We won’t be going to Bologna though. Honestly would love to just go everywhere. I bet studying abroad there was a lot of fun. That’s something I wish I ended up doing.

        Yeah it sucks being in a really crowded bookstore because I feel all I want to do is look and it’s like you can’t move and can’t really be comfortable and take your time to look. One of the colleges I went to was close to a Barnes and Noble and on my break I would always go sit and read.

        Yeah my friend was telling me about the pierogis. That sounds like a lot of fun and delicious. I will do my best to get one. I haven’t had one in ages. I like when plays get interactive with you. I feel that really adds to the experience. One show I went to when I was younger I had one of the guys take my twizzlers and then later on they ended up giving me a new pack. I know they have specific plays where they add you into it. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding but you basically go and you’re like wedding guests of the people so it’s basically like you’re at a wedding. It sounds super interesting.

        Thanks I do hope I get it. When you went did you end up getting pie? I saw you could either get pie or not get pie. That sounds interesting. I feel like the pie adds to the experience. Ah $70 is really good. I gotta look more into this. I have two friends who see shows all the time and they always find discounts. I don’t think they’ve seen Sweeney Todd yet. I should ask them for help lol.


    • Oh my god, I have once again waited so long to respond to this that your comment has left my notification sidebar, and WordPress won’t let me reply to your most recent comment on my layout. Argh. I really need to figure out if there’s some way I can fix that.

      So again, apologies for replying to the wrong comment. This conversation thread is a hot mess, haha.

      Ahhh Book Con sounds so great! I wish I could have gone. Maybe next year. And I know what you mean about work taking up all your time. That’s the worst. Though fortunately I currently have a job where I can sneak onto WordPress when I have a few free minutes (e.g., right now), which is great because I’m so terrible at being productive for eight straight hours every day. I definitely need a few social media breaks so I don’t lose my mind.

      The WP community is so great though! Initially I just planned for this to be somewhere to store all my reviews, and I wasn’t really thinking about the social aspect of it at all, but I’ve met some really great people and I love all the blogs I follow. I’m so glad I started doing this.

      Ahhhh I am SO jealous that you are going to Italy, I miss it so much! Where in Italy will you be going?? And have you been there before? I did travel around outside Bologna quite a bit, so if you need recommendations of things to do or places to stay, don’t hesitate to ask. I had the most amazing time there.

      I hadn’t heard of that wedding show but that sounds so interesting! I agree, I love interactive theatre, it makes the experience so much more unique.

      I did not get a pie at Sweeney! My friends did and really enjoyed it. I think it enhances the experience for sure. Also, I got an email yesterday from TodayTix saying that they’re selling a limited number of Sweeney tickets for $59 for performances between Sept 5 and Oct 29, so check that out if you haven’t already!!!

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      • haha it’s no problem. wordpress has some good to it and then some bad as well. I swear it can be such a hot mess sometimes.

        oh wow that’s awesome that you get time to go on social media. I mean there have been times I haven’t really had anything to do but usually i try to find something. Maybe when my boss leaves the office. The only thing that sucks is there is a camera behind my desk so I feel I have to be as productive as possible. For lunch sometimes I’ll try to get in some reading if I can. I feel lately I’ve been picking the worst times to eat cause my boss will always want something done so i’ll stop and do that then eat.

        I do hope you’re able to go to book con next year! that would be awesome. It was crowded at certain places but i feel it wasn’t too bad not as bad as comic con gets so that’s always good. I don’t like when you can barley move. That’s not very enjoyable.

        Right it’s so fun meeting new people and talking about the things you love with them. Plus you find people from all over which is also really exciting. It’s so interesting to see where people are from and just see people come together over a book is such a lovely experience. I’m happy I ended up getting more involved.

        We are going to Venice, Florence, and Rome. We actually went last summer but we didn’t go to Venice so it will be my first time there. I really enjoyed Rome a lot. Florence was fun. We did a 10 out of tour of Florence and Pisa so I was wiped out. Plus that was our first day there. We have two days there this trip so it will be nice to kinda just wander around and see if there is anything we missed the first time. Is Bologna close to any of the places I’m going? I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it there but if I’m given the chance I will hop on it.

        It sounds like it would be a fun experience. I do love that you end up being part of the show. I can see it being a really good time.

        Aw yeah I feel the pie must really add to it. Do they make comments about the pie? I can see them doing something like that like since the show is about him making pies out of human. I saw the Today Tix thing. I was upset cause it cause it had a partial


      • I was saying it had a partial view so I’m not sure how that would work out. I remember one time I went to see rock of ages the guy next to us couldn’t see anything and he ended up falling asleep during the show. That must have sucked.


    • I did go to The Mysterious Bookshop and I loved it! Their selection was crazy. I wanted to buy an Agatha Christie book and I spent about 15 minutes narrowing it down. And thank you!!!! I’m on mobile right now with a horrible internet connection, so I’ll check out your post later when I get home!

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