vacation hiatus

NYC vacation from June 10 – 19!  Yay!

I’ll still be reading your posts and comments with the WordPress app, but probably no posts or reviews from me until I get back.

Before I go, very important question: What’s your favorite bookstore in NYC?  Other than The Strand because that’s obvious.  I always spend hours in The Strand, but I want to check out some other bookstores this time!

And, books aside, what’s your favorite thing to do in New York?  I don’t necessarily need recommendations, because I’ve been there quite a few times and done most of the main touristy stuff by now, but I’d love to hear some of your favorite things to do in the city 🙂


17 thoughts on “vacation hiatus

  1. Have a great time! I have had the privilege of going to New York twice. Sounds like you are a seasoned New York traveler. =) One of my favorite things to do outside of museums, and wandering around the streets of New York aimlessly, is going to Broadway shows!

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    • Thank you!!! I’m pretty lucky – my local airport has a direct flight to JFK for really cheap, and one of my best friends lives in Brooklyn so I get to stay with her, so all things considered I can do a trip to New York for not much money!

      I love going to the theater!!!! That’s one thing I always do as well. I think we’re going to see Great Comet later this week, and we’ve talked about trying for Shakespeare in the park, and we’re entering the daily lotto for Sweeney Todd, so fingers crossed! I rarely buy tickets in advance, usually it’s a spur of the moment decision since last minute tickets are so much cheaper.

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  2. Have a great time in NYC. I recently just went to Books of Wonder and that was a cute small little store. They specialize in Children’s books and Young Adult books. They have a lot of authors come in so you may find some signed books. I know amazon just opened up a store by Columbus Circle.

    I live in NY so when I can I’ll check out Broadway shows and sometimes go to museums. Time Out New York is super helpful cause that tells you what is going on for the week just in case you’re not sure what to do. Enjoy your stay!!

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    • Thank you for the recs!!! I’ll definitely check out Books of Wonder – I’ll be in that area at some point anyway so that’s perfect.

      Broadway and museums are my favorite things as well! Since it’s five million degrees today and most museums are closed on Mondays (except the Met and MOMA which I’ve been to a hundred times) I was kind of dreading finding something to do, but I ended up taking a book to the lake at Prospect Park and it’s lovely!!!


      • I would also recommend checking out Smorgasburg as well. On Saturdays it is in Williamsburg and on Sundays it is in Prospect Park.

        Oh wow that’s awesome. I actually live right by Prospect Park and that’s always a nice go to when theres nothing else to do. Plus now that it’s summer they have the concerts going on at night. I don’t know anyone preforming there but it’s free so might also be worth checking out if you want something to do at night.

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      • Oh wow, that’s so cool that you live near there! It’s such a beautiful area. I’m staying in Dumbo right now which is also gorgeous (and giving me major apartment envy because I could never afford to live here.) I love all the free events in New York, it must be so exciting to live somewhere where there’s always random concerts and things.


      • Oh wow how cool. Dumbo is so nice especially right by the water. It’s such a pretty area. It is awesome expect now that I’m working I can’t enjoy the free stuff as I’d like to 😦 It is nice to know something is always going on though. Where are you from?

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      • It’s gorgeous here!!!! Ugh I’d love to live in this area. One day. When I’m a millionaire. I’m from Vermont! It’s just a 40 minute plane ride which is why I end up visiting New York so often, it’s just really convenient.


      • Oh that’s awesome that you come here a lot. New York is such a fun place. I’ve never been to Vermont but I’ve always wanted to go. I love traveling so I wanna try to go everywhere.

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      • You should definitely come to Vermont!!! There’s not A Lot to do, but if you like nature it’s gorgeous in the summer and fall! And winter, I guess, if you’re into that sort of thing.


      • I’m always down to check out amazing scenery. It sounds like it would be a nice relaxing getaway. I’m always down for that. How was the rest of your trip to NYC? What else did you end up doing?


    • I did go to The Mysterious Bookshop and I loved it! Their selection was crazy. I wanted to buy an Agatha Christie book and I spent about 15 minutes narrowing it down. And thank you!!!! I’m on mobile right now with a horrible internet connection, so I’ll check out your post later when I get home!

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