wrap up: books read in June 2017

Best: The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney
Runner up: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
Worst: The Leavers by Lisa Ko

I seem to be stuck at 7 books a month!  But all things considered I think that’s pretty good for June, since I was on vacation in New York City for ten days (it was supposed to be nine but my first flight got cancelled) and I barely read while I was there.  And I managed to review 6/7 – or 7/7 if you include my Goodreads review of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which just said “Brilliant.”

It was a pretty solid reading month – this is the first time in ages that the lowest I rated a book in a month was 3 stars.  Apologies to The Leavers – I feel a bit bad calling it the worst book I read this month when it really wasn’t bad, but I’m left with no alternative.

I’m also up to a total of 52 books so far this year – how I’ve managed that I literally have no idea, but it was exciting to see that number.

As always, my TBR isn’t set in stone, but here are a couple of things you can look forward to seeing on my blog in the upcoming weeks: I’m currently reading Chemistry by Weike Wang, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, and The First Day by Phil Harrison, all of which I hope to finish within the next week or so.  I still need to read See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt and Yesterday by Felicia Yap by their August 1 publication date, and Hadeer was kind enough to lend me two of her books when I saw her a few weeks ago – The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander and The Obelisk Gate by N.K. Jemisin, so I’m really looking forward to getting around to those.

What was the best book you read in June?  Comment and let me know!

12 thoughts on “wrap up: books read in June 2017

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m really interested in what your thoughts are going to be on Six of Crows. I feel like it’s dark enough for your tastes, but I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on the characters.

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    • I’m only like 23% into it but I am loving it so far! It did take me a couple of days I’ll admit because there are just so many characters and so much terminology to learn at first it was really overwhelming, but now I’m getting into it. So far I love Kaz and Inej!

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      • I can totally understand how it can be overwhelming at first, I had read Bardugo’s other books set in the same universe and it had taken some getting back into. But oh my gosh, I love Kaz and Inej so much, they’re both so great.

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      • Plus I don’t read a lot of fantasy in general, so there was a bit of a learning curve to it! Is her other series set in this universe worth reading? I feel like I’ve heard very mixed things about it.

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      • Ahh that also makes sense! Her other series takes place a few years before the Six of Crows books, so in reading SoC you’ll basically get the gist of what happened in those books and meet a few of its characters. I read them before I read SoC and I enjoyed them, but I’m not super crazy about them, and I if I’d read SoC first I’d probably have been a lot less impressed with the first series because I find SoC far superior in basically every way.

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      • Okay that makes sense! Maybe it’ll go on the TBR long list but I won’t prioritize it. I’m definitely going to read Crooked Kingdom as soon as I finish this though, I already know I’m going to be going through withdrawals.

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