operation: War and Peace

Have you ever wanted to read War and Peace but haven’t found the right time to commit to the 1000+ page monster?  Well, now is your chance!

Myself and Hadeer are co-hosting a War and Peace group buddy read that’s going to start on September 1.  There’s a rough reading schedule that you’re welcome to follow, but if you’d rather read at your own pace, that’s fine too!  It’s going to be very relaxed and fun.  So if you’d like to join us (and no pressure to commit if you don’t end up wanting to finish the book), join our Goodreads group and come say hello!  Hadeer’s set up some really great threads about Russian history and Russian names to kick things off.  But again, we’re starting on September 1, so you’ve still got nearly a month to choose a translation and find a copy, should you care to join us.

Hope to see some of you there!!

6 thoughts on “operation: War and Peace

    • I just found out about your read-along yesterday – if I’d have known, I’d have joined in! Oh well. I’m excited to get started, and glad to hear it’s a good buddy read book!


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