What Cats Do Book Tag

I saw Steph do this tag the other day (week?) and I couldn’t resist, because, cats.  This tag was originally created by Melting Pots and Other Calamities!

Purr: As cats do this when they’re happy or relaxed, what is the book that makes you happiest or relaxed?

3I feel like I always use this for an answer, but… the Harry Potter series.  I’m not a big re-reader in general, but I’ve read each of these books at least 15 times, and there is absolutely no end in sight.



Twitch while dreaming: Have you ever dreamt of a book you read?

michaud-the-subversive-brilliance-of-a-little-life-320I’ve had a lot of dreams about Harry Potter… Otherwise, this isn’t a dream, but I think it’s noteworthy to say that I literally lost sleep over A Little Life.  And I don’t mean, I was up so late reading that I lost sleep.  I mean, I went to bed at a perfectly reasonable hour, but right before I went to bed I read [spoiler redacted] and I probably got two hours of sleep that night because I was so distraught, every time I managed to fall asleep I remembered that [spoiler redacted] and I woke up immediately.  I can’t remember if I had actual dreams about it, but it definitely infiltrated by subconscious.

Seems to play nice…until the claws are out!:  Which book had the biggest plot twist(s)?

51o3rh1onbl-_sx331_bo1204203200_Since the question is about getting scratched, I’m going to go with a twist that I hated, so, here we go: Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen.  This book….. this book.  Where do I begin.  Okay, you know what, I’m just going to tell you what happens.  I’ll warn for spoilers when necessary.  So, the premise of this book is that Hannah has the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend.  Until she comes home one day and finds that her boyfriend Matt is gone, he’s taken all of his stuff and deleted his number from her phone and quit his job and she has no way to contact him.  SPOILERS: So Hannah eventually tracks Matt down, and it turns out he left because she was physically abusive and he feared for his life, which Hannah just….. forgot about???  During the entirety of her search for him???  AND THEN it turns out he’s having an affair with her best friend (the most obvious reveal ever), so Hannah flies off the handle, pushes the best friend off a balcony, and while he’s running to get help, Matt trips over a backpack, hits his head on a table, and goes into a coma.  This book.  How did this get published.

Cuddles: Which book character would you give a hug to?

33253215My first reaction was to choose Jude St. Francis, because obvious reasons, but he doesn’t like physical contact, understandably, so I’ll choose someone else.  Cyril Avery from The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne.  Cyril is such a flawed and tragic protagonist and even though he’s frustrating at times I wanted to yell LET THE POOR MAN BE HAPPY for the majority of this book.

Catnip: What’s a book that made you have warm and fuzzy feels?

12875258Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt.  This book is quite heavy at times for YA, but the bond that the main character makes with her dead uncle’s boyfriend was just delightful.  Delightful and sad.  But there were still a lot of happy times recorded in these pages.  (Is it obvious I don’t read a lot of happy books?)


Cat breeds: Your favorite book(s)?

These guys.

Getting the cat: How did you find your favorite book(s)?

A Little Life: My mom told me to read it.
Everything I Never Told You: My book club.
Pachinko: Book of The Month.
East of Eden: My good friend told me it’s one of her favorite books.
The Secret History: It’s set in Vermont so it had been on my TBR for ages.
The Iliad: I read it first in college in 2010.
The Pillars of the Earth: I saw the BBC miniseries and loved it.
Harry Potter: Childhood.
Les Miserables: I decided to read it on a whim when I was 18 (fun fact: I got into the book before I’d ever heard or seen the musical.)

Being in places they shouldn’t: Least favorite cliché?

51sz0tslgal-_sx330_bo1204203200_Female characters dying for the sole purpose of filling male characters with righteous pain as they continue on in their testosterone-filled hero’s journey….. I’m not naming any names – wait a second, how did that picture get there?!


The good old cardboard box: Most underrated book series?

59603259500416This is hard, I don’t read a lot of series!  I guess I’m going to go with Lisa See’s duology, Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy.  The former is about two sisters emigrating from Shanghai to San Francisco in the twentieth century, and the latter is about one of their daughters running away to China to explore her roots, set against the backdrop of the rise of communism.  These are some unexpectedly dark books; the former includes rape and the latter includes some of the most harrowing descriptions of starvation I’ve ever read.  Proceed with caution, but I think they’re both brilliantly written, intelligent, educational and highly entertaining reads.

Bonus: some pictures of my babies!

The grey one is Percy and the black one is Lily.  I have more pictures of Percy because Lily looks like a black feather duster in pictures more often than not.  Alas.  Anyway, they are my children and I love them.  (They’re indoor cats – they’re only allowed outside when supervised.)

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37 thoughts on “What Cats Do Book Tag

    • Haha, thank you!!!! Tragically she usually does not photograph that well! I have to be blessed with great lighting to get her in a way that you can actually see her face. And she is literally the softest cat I have ever felt!!!!

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  1. I love your cats, as always. And I requested The Heart’s Invisible Furies on Netgalley but was DENIED I’m mad, but I think it came out today so I’m just gonna buy it, lol.

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    • That righteous indignation when you get denied for a book you really want to read is SO REAL. What gives, Netgalley??? But YES YOU SHOULD BUY IT sorry I know it’s huge and hardcover so it’s probably expensive and I am being a terrible influence but it’s so good. Have you ever thought about joining BOTM, incidentally? I’m so obsessed with it ahahaha I was SO excited when I saw this as an option this month.

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      • Omg I know! I was like HEY I’M PERFECT FOR THIS BOOK. I’m always denied the ones I really want to read, hahah. I requested some other random book while I was at it and I was looking at it again and now I’m secretly hoping they deny me that one, lol. Which means I’ll probably be approved. But I was looking at BOTM when you linked it in your review and I’m strongly considering….

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      • That is literally my netgalley life summed up. The ones I REALLY WANT I’m either denied or I stay in pending limbo for months, and then the ones I request on a total whim are the ones I get. I was approved for a thriller last week that I have literally no memory of requesting.

        DO IT DO IT omg I am so obsessed…. it’s like, the stuff they choose are usually books I’m gonna read anyway, so I might as well be buying them with a pretty significant discount. And you can easily skip a month if you don’t like any of the choices, and your payment carries over to the month after. And it’s so much fun to see the new choices each month. And I get a free book credit if you use my referral link, wink wink 😂

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      • I got an email this morning that I was approved for it OF COURSE. It hope it’s good because there’s nothing worse than slogging through a bad Netgalley book. I also requested a new Hannah Kent book that I SO WANT APPROVED but I don’t have high hopes, lol.

        I was looking through the BOTM selections on the website this morning and I think I’m going to do it! It’s really such a good deal, and I’ll definitely use your link hahah.

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      • Hahahah OF COURSE. Oh god I know, I feel like I’ve been in a Netgalley rut lately, it’s been way too long since I’ve read a Netgalley book that I loved and sped through. Omg I WANT THAT BOOK SO BADLY, I was declined on Netgalley and I even requested a physical ARC without very high expectations, but alas, nothing. I can’t believe they’re making me actually wait for the publication date like this, the audacity.

        AHH YAYYY it’s so much fun!!! Omg how great would it be if the Hannah Kent book were one of the options for next month.

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      • I read the first chapter and it’s very apparent it’s going to be a bust. But I need to keep that 100% review rating ahh. I’ll probably end up reading it really slowly over the course of the next few weeks lol. The thing that kills me is I looked it up on Goodreads and it had hundreds of 5 star ratings, however I’m reading a translation from German, I believe, and it could just be much better in it’s original language.

        That would be amazing if Hannah Kent’s new book is one of options for next month, especially since I have no hope for getting approved on netgalley haha. I WANT IT.

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      • Ugh noooooo that is THE WORST. What book is it?? I’m not crazy about my current Netgalley book either and I can’t even really figure out why, because it seems like something I’d like but I’m just….. meh??? So I’m reading that slowly too in between like ten other things. Also I REALLY need to finish Crooked Kingdom this week.


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      • It’s called The Trick by Emanuel Bergmann. It’s about World War II and of course I fell for the “perfect for fans of All The Light We Cannot See” which is a trick in itself because no other books are like that book, and I’m already offended by the comparison now that I’ve seen the writing style. My dearest wish for Netgalley is that it would just provide us with a tiny sample of the first few pages like Amazon does so I can get a feel for it. And also how many followers do I need to have before I get approved for the acclaimed stuff, like really??? Is my 100% feedback record for nothing here.

        Also YES I hope you finish Crooked Kingdom this week so we can discuss. How are you liking it so far??

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      • Oh noooo and it’s nearly 400 pages too!!! Ugh that’s horrible. I’m glad you warned me, because that is totally the kind of book I would request. I’m ashamed at how often I fall for the ‘for fans of All The Light’ trick. Even more embarrassingly, I’ve been known to fall for ‘for fans of The Girl on the Train’ – and I didn’t even like that book that much!!! I’m always just like ‘oh this will be the hot new thriller’ but usually they’re just mehhhhh

        Ugh I know right??? On the one hand I don’t want to be one of those blogs who’s constantly promoting myself on Twitter and Insta and making posts every single day so I get new followers, because that’s not my style and I’m just doing this as a hobby and I don’t care about my follower count….. but then ON THE OTHER HAND I want ARCs of the popular new books!!!

        I’m loving it!!!! I got sidetracked because I didn’t get any reading done in Montreal this weekend, and then I had to focus on A Clockwork Orange which I wanted to finish before seeing the play, but I’m going to get back into it today!! I’m liking it better than Six of Crows, because I didn’t have that initial hurdle of having to learn all the geography and vocabulary before being able to get into the story, and also, WYLAN! I can see why he’s your fave. But I still love Kaz.

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      • I did some math and if I want to be finished with it by it’s release date, i need to read about 15 pages a day, which doesn’t sound so bad. But it’s already a bad sign when you have to take this kind of plan of action lol.

        EXACTLY. I have no interest in making any extra social media sites, nor do I have the time for it. I’m glad to have people follow me if they’re interested in my posts or want to chat, but from the start I was never going to go out of my way to get tons of followers….but dang if I’m going to use them for something it’s going to be good ARCs. I have been blogging for TOO LONG now to keep reading these terribly written ones!! Some of the worst books I’ve ever read have been Netgalley ARCs.

        I was rereading some of Crooked Kingdom the other night and I literally just flipped between Wylan and Kaz’s more emotional chapters. I take back what I said about liking Jesper more than Kaz….sorry Jesper (not sorry to Matthias tho).

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      • I’ve already had to give up on the goal of reading all my ARCs by the release dates for the next month, I am just so overloaded with them right now 😬 I have this problem with Netgalley where I’ll have a dry spell for months and then get accepted for SO MANY THINGS AT ONCE and it was particularly bad this month. But omg that’s the worst when you literally have to plan out a reading schedule because nothing else is gonna motivate you to get through it. GOOD LUCK.

        Like I don’t even have a blog-specific email address and I constantly go back and forth on whether I want to do that, I definitely don’t have the desire to create a ~brand across all social media. Can’t I just have whatever arbitrary follower count it is that’ll get me the good stuff???

        OMG (I doubt anyone is reading this thread but just in case, Crooked Kingdom spoilers here) I just read the scene where Jesper kissed Kuwei by mistake instead of Wylan AHHHHH THIS IS KILLING ME!!!! I love Jesper so much but Kaz, Inej, and Wylan are definitely my top three.

        AHHH YAYYYY thank you for using my referral link!!! Omg I have to like force myself to not get any extras unless I have a free credit, $9.99 for a brand new hardcover is just so good.

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      • Luckily this is my only ARC right now, but it still feels like such a hassle because when I have bad arcs I’m like WHY AM I DOING THIS when I have tons of unread books on my shelf that are probably great.

        I do have a blog email but it’s only because all the wordpress emails and goodreads stuff kept clogging up my regular email, so I just transferred it all to my “book address.” The only thing is I always forget to check it and once I had an author email me asking if I’d read his book, only to have BOUGHT IT the day before when he would have given it to me for free. Now I’m a little more diligent about checking lol. But branding is too much work, I just want to talk about books.

        (spoilers) AHHH I LOVE THAT SCENE. That is an instance of one of the rare times I flipped ahead a page or two because I was like WHY IS THIS KISS AWFUL and I was so relieved it wasn’t actually Wylan lol. Then I was like DUH if it was Wylan he’d be playing the piano beautifully, not just hammering some random notes. I love Jesper and Wylan so much.

        $9.99 for a brand new hardcover is such a bargain, I had to stop myself from looking through more of their selections because I know I’d just get too tempted.

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      • I feel the exact same way about ARCs sometimes, it’s so tricky because it’s like…….. I like saving money on books I might buy otherwise, but you really are playing book roulette with ARCs and I feel like I strike out way more often than I hit the jackpot. And I totally agree how it’s like, why am I forcing myself to read this terrible book when I have so many unread books on my shelf???

        I just wish gmail let you be logged into two accounts at once, that would solve all of my problems, but my concern with starting a new email is definitely that I will miss a lot of blogging emails, and I like staying on top of things here…. Ughhhh dilemmas. But OMG that’s kind of cool that you were contacted by an author whose book you were going to read anyway, I’ve never had that happen!


        Liked by 1 person

      • I would be so happy if gmail let me log into two accounts, it would solve all my email problems. I tried to get it to do that yesterday on my phone but nope. But I KNOW RIGHT it was so funny, I emailed the buy back and he was like “well I’m flattered that someone is interested in my book enough to pay actual money on it” and it was literally like 3 bucks but still.


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      • On my phone I use an app called myMail which lets me be logged into more than one account at once, but having to constantly log in and out on my laptop and work desktop drives me crazy!! Especially because I usually have my personal email pulled up all day when I’m working and I tend to ignore it unless I see that I have a new email, so I wouldn’t want to be constantly switching between two accounts…. Why does gmail have to make my life so difficult??

        (spoilers) AHHHHHH THE TENSION IN THAT SCENE WAS KILLING MEEEEE just the fact that they’re both so averse to being touched because of horrible things that have happened to them I’m so 😦 (Which reminds me of Jude – I really have a type, don’t I?) And then Kaz pulling away at the last second I WANTED TO SCREAM I WANT HIM TO STOP HIDING FROM HIS FEELINGS FOR HER BUT IT’S SO TRAGIC AND HORRIBLE AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM ahhhh that scene took like ten years off my life

        I think I was at around 62% when I went to bed last night? I sort of want to finish it tonight but that may be a bit too ambitious…. WE SHALL SEE

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooo I’ll have to look into that phone app. But really Google it’s 2017 I think you can have duel emails running at the same time.

        Omg….the Kaz and Jude comparison…the way they both have significant childhood trauma and the different/similar ways they reacted to it D: And like Jude became the most ferocious cutthroat lawyer and Kaz made himself the most feared gang leader in Ketterdam and yet physical intimacy and revealing their pasts are such a struggle. NOT TO MENTION their crippled legs. I want to write a thesis on them lol.

        BUT LEIGH BARDUGO WROTE THAT SCENE SO WELL IT IS PERFECTION. I was basically ready to pass out by the end of that chapter and all Kaz did was graze her shoulder. Amazing.

        Omg I hope you finish it so we can discuss it in its entirety. Sometimes I’m only just halfway through a book and I’m like “well, looks like I have to finish it now” and I stay up way too late….but I think Crooked Kingdom is one of those books that is worth it!! And tomorrow’s Friday, so.

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      • OMG I hadn’t put much thought into that Kaz/Jude comparison but AHHHH MY HEART HURTS THINKING ABOUT THIS….. and like (now we’re onto A Little Life spoilers to any nonexistent people reading this conversation) how Jude went into ruthless lawyer mode when William died and how Kaz was after Inej was captured ahhhhh 😦 like they both have that one person who understands them and they don’t know how to get the relationship right but they also don’t know what to do when they lose them. I’M SAD.

        I’M LIKE 75% THROUGH I’ve taken a break to watch the great British bake off with my mother but I THINK I CAN DO IT maybe if I don’t manage to finish tonight I’ll read it in the morning??? Who am I kidding I don’t wake up early. I’ll try to finish it tonight. ANYWAY I WILL MESSAGE YOU WHEN I FINISH OBVIOUSLY.

        Alsoooo I sent some hotel options on GR!

        Liked by 1 person

      • AHHH I REALLY WANT TO RESPOND TO YOUR GR MESSAGE but I’m gonna wait till I get home so I can really focus on it lol. BUT wow suddenly I want to be a literature teacher and only teach SoC and ALL and assign a trillion papers about these characters.

        Liked by 1 person

      • OH and also I signed up for BOTM and used your link!! I signed up for three months and have some credit, so I think I may use it on The Heart’s Invisible Furies and Pachinko….

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      • Just dropping in to say I love all of this and how do I sign up for this Literary Pain class because I want in!!! The Kaz/Jude comparisons are just killing me. Definitely a character type I have a thing for, and it would make such a fascinating thesis! Kaz and Inej just KILL me. Related: a friend was just saying the other day is it wrong that she wants to re-read these books within a year of reading them for the first time, and I said OF COURSE NOT, they’re the kind of books that bear re-reading (and re-reading, and re-reading)! I haven’t re-read Crooked Kingdom yet, but probably next year. (Why is WordPress so awful for three-way conversations ahhhh)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I am 100% going to re-read SoC and CK at some point!!! I usually have to give it at least a year before I re-read, but it’s going to happen eventually. I’m particularly looking forward to reading SoC again without that hurdle of ‘what the heck is going on???’ that I had to get over the first time.

        Omg I want so badly to read a scholarly thesis comparing this type of broken character.

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