2017 Nobel Prize in Literature – Kazuo Ishiguro

I’ll be honest, I don’t diligently follow the Nobel Prize, and I didn’t have much of an opinion about Bob Dylan being the recipient last year beyond ‘huh?’

But this year it went to one of my all-time favorite authors, so I’m pretty thrilled.  Congratulations, Kazuo Ishiguro!

I’ve read all of his novels and a few stories out of Nocturnes.  I find his prose style to be mesmerizing and subtle; poignant and heart-wrenching, but almost paradoxically restrained.  The unique style he achieves is absolutely masterful.  He likes to revisit themes of the passage of time, the fallibility of memory, questions of mortality… his novels are all melancholy and striking.  I think he’s a really unique talent, and I am very happy to see him recognized for it.

Have you guys read anything by Ishiguro?  What’s your favorite novel of his?  And how do you feel about him taking home the Nobel Prize in Literature?  Comment and let me know!

16 thoughts on “2017 Nobel Prize in Literature – Kazuo Ishiguro

    • I woke up to like five different texts about it, I guess my friends know I am a big fan hahahah. I’ve read Never Let Me Go twice but I fully intend to read it again, and there are a couple of others I wouldn’t mind revisiting!


  1. I’ve never heard of him, but if he won the Nobel he’s gotta be good right? Last year, I was a bit disappointed with Dylan because he seemed like he didn’t really care about the award, while I know so many other authors on that list would have been so grateful to have won it…

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    • You should read Never Let Me Go! It’s his most popular book, which is well deserved, it’s pretty amazing.

      And I agree completely about Dylan… I didn’t have much of an opinion about him winning, and I don’t object to the logic that songwriters are eligible for the category, but the way he reacted to it was not classy…

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    • OH MY GOD WHAT I actually always thought Never Let Me Go was super mainstream especially after the Carey Mulligan movie, but I guess not??

      Chelsea’s never read him either and I’ve been trying to get her to read Never Let Me Go for ages, you guys should read it together, wink wink

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  2. Chelsea’s never understand him either and I’ve been trying to grow her to understand Never Let Me Go for ages, you guys should understand it togrowher, wink wink I’m embarassed to tell I have never understand one of his novels, but I surmisal the prison term has descend!


    • Ahh I know, the ending of that novel completely destroys me! I’ve read it a couple of times and I always tear up at the end – and I rarely cry when I read as well. I highly recommend The Remains of the Day as a followup to NLMG! It’s quite different but almost equally as poignant in its own way.


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