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I was tagged by Chelsea for the Fall for Books tag – thank you!!  If you guys don’t follow Chelsea already, you really should – especially if you live in the Toronto area, as she posts fantastic reviews of the local theatre scene!  Anyway, back to the books, here we go.


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One of the first books you fell in love with

1002520The Heartland series by Lauren Brooke was my elementary school jam.  It’s about this girl who takes over the family’s horse farm following her mom’s death in a tragic accident… also it’s a refuge barn where they look after neglected or abused or otherwise traumatized horses.  Since I was That Horse Girl for a huge part of my life, these books spoke to me – they were also a bit ~dark and edgy~ for that reading level, lol.  My dark fiction origin story.  Did anyone else read this series??

A book you knew you were going to love from the first page

33253215I knew I was going to love this before the book even started.  The first page is a quotation from a fictional book written by one of the characters in The Heart’s Invisible Furies.  (That is to say, the following quote is actually by John Boyne.)

“Am I alone in thinking that the world becomes a more repulsive place every day?” asked Marigold, glancing across the breakfast table toward her husband, Christopher.

“Actually,” he replied, “I find that–”

“The question was rhetorical,” said Marigold, lighting a cigarette, her sixth of the day.  “Please don’t embarrass yourself by offering an opinion.”

Maude Avery, Like to the Lark
(The Vico Press, 1950)

A book you didn’t think you would love as much as you do

9781250098221Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge.  This seems like it’s going to be such a run of the mill boy-meets-girl plane crash story – you can practically map out how the entire story is going to go from the very first page, but it was so much more than that??  The tone of this book is so funny and irreverent but it also ripped my heart out.


The character who will always have a place in your heart

6334Kathy H from Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.  I don’t even know why… I mean, I do, but I don’t know how well I can explain it.  I read this for the first time when I was 14 and I was really struck by how flawed and tragic this character is, and how her whole narrative is about fighting for agency in this world where she’s pretty much powerless.  The sort of quiet strength that Kathy has is so subtle and it’s just heartbreaking to me.  I love this character a lot.

Character you love on the page, but would never want to meet in real life

227463Alex from A Clockwork Orange.  I don’t think this one needs a whole lot of explanation.  Alex is a truly repulsive character who does repulsive things, but it’s almost impossible not to sympathize with him, at least a little??  I mean, it’s pretty heavy-handed allegorical fiction, and it’s clear that in the framework of the narrative, Alex is being used as a pawn – I hate to say it, but my heart goes out to him.  But if he were real, I’d obviously run the other way.

Literary couple you will ship until the day you die

michaud-the-subversive-brilliance-of-a-little-life-320You know how in book tags people tend to use the same answers over and over??  I am well aware that there are a handful of books you guys are probably sick of me talking about.  To the point where the other day I thought ‘the next time I get tagged in something, I am NOT going to mention A Little Life.’  But then I got this horrible question, and there is no other answer besides Jude St. Francis and Willem Ragnarsson that is even worth mentioning.

An author whose writing style you fell in love with

41cigepew5l-_sy344_bo1204203200_The only Donna Tartt book I’ve read is The Secret History, but I’m obsessed with it and Donna Tartt’s prose sucked me in immediately.  If I could write even a fraction as well I would be be very happy indeed.



A book recommended to you by a friend/family member that you quickly fell for too

8497492I asked my German friend to recommend some German lit to me, and the first thing she said was Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind.  I loved this.  The main character is probably the most unlikable character from anything I’ve ever read, but it’s such a darkly compelling story that I didn’t even care that I was reading about someone so despicable.  The sensory descriptions in this book are unlike anything I’ve ever read before or since, and I wish my German were good enough that I could read the original prose 😦

Piece of book-related merchandise that you had to own

This isn’t a direct reference to any book in particular, but I’m rather partial to this mug.

An author whose works you love so much that you auto-buy/borrow their new releases

Kazuo Ishiguro and Celeste Ng come to mind, though in the future, Hanya Yanagihara and John Boyne will also be up there.

I tag:

Sarah // Ally // Ann // Charlotte // Kristin // Irena


25 thoughts on “The Fall for Books Tag

    • YES you should. It is heavy to say the least (abuse, rape, suicide, childhood sexual assault, etc) so as long as you’re up for that kind of thing, go for it. It’s the quintessential love-it-or-hate-it book so I’ll be curious to see what you think. And I really need to get around to The People in the Trees one of these days.


  1. Thank you for the tag! Heartland was also my first series obsession. I was definitely (and still am tbh) the horse girl. My riding instructor is in an episode of Heartland, which is pretty cool! I’m hoping to read Kazuo Ishiguro soon, I’ve heard a lot of great things!

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    • (How did I miss this comment) Oh my god, that’s so cool!!! I love that someone else read this series, and that’s amazing about your riding instructor. I stopped horseback riding and sold my horse right before I went away to college because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to take my horse with me… and it’s such a difficult hobby to do casually, it’s so all or nothing. But I will always be fond of horses!

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  2. I’m totally with you on Perfume, especially when you consider how difficult it must be to translate something that is so sensory, and even sensual in an odd way. The nuances of those kinds of descriptions must be hard to get right!

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    • (I totally missed half the comments on this post somehow) but YES I was so in awe of how he captured those sensory descriptions, it never struck me before how difficult it is to describe scent?? Usually I’m perfectly content to read translated fiction in English but I am SO INTRIGUED to know what these descriptions are like in the original German.

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  3. Thanks for doing my tag Rachel, it was kind of neat to create one for once! I’d say I’m sorry about making you break the promise not to use A Little Life for awhile but let’s be honest A Little Life should always be an answer!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was an EXCELLENT tag!! Omg good point maybe I should go in the opposite direction and make sure I mention A Little Life in EVERY SINGLE TAG tbh…… I’d probably have an easier time of it!!


  4. I almost chose THIF for the book you loved from the first page question as well, but I’d totally forgotten that quotation at the beginning!! MAUDE omg that is even more perfect now that I’ve read the book.

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