wrap up: May 2018

My first late wrap up!  So, May was a bit insane for me – at the very last minute (like, I literally had two days to prepare for this) I was told I had to go down to Houston for work for two weeks.  If you weren’t with me back in January, just know that I hate Houston.  It was a bit better this time around, because I knew the people I was working with and it was warm (arguably too warm – it got up to 97 degrees, but I kind of loved it), and I knew where to find the vegetarian food, but it was still Houston for two weeks and I was unbelievably busy with work the entire time, so I was very glad to be home by the end of it.  ALSO, with the exception of my first flight being delayed and me having to sprint through Newark to make my connection, there were absolutely no problems with my flights both there and back, which I think is unprecedented for me.  I mean, with the flight experiences I ordinarily have, sprinting through an airport is the least of my concerns.

Anyway.  Just when I was glad to be home for a while, I was then informed that I had to go to BEA for work, so that’s where I was this past Thursday and Friday.  I also spent the weekend in New York and I got to see some friends and some theatre (Sweeney Todd and Sleep No More), so that was great, but my flight home was delayed (shocking) and got in around 1:30 am last night and I had to drive myself home and didn’t get back until around 3, and I have a cold and am generally feeling pretty run down at the moment.

So all that said and done, it’s kind of impressive that I managed to finish 9 books in May.



Best: When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy
Runner up: The Idiot by Elif Batuman
Worst: The Summer Children by Dot Hutchison

Currently reading: The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar (the final Women’s Prize shortlist book that I have to read), The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson (I’ll finish today, I think), A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza, Disobedience by Naomi Alderman, and Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson (audiobook).

Also – I’m working on catching up with all of your posts from the past week or so, bear with me!

What’s the best book you guys read in May?  Comment and let me know!

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11 thoughts on “wrap up: May 2018

    • I’m probably more impressed with myself than I should be, given that one was a play, one was a poetry collection, and one was an audiobook, but still. I feel like I hardly read when I was in Houston and New York and that was the majority of my month.

      I’ve decided that being in Houston in January is just the most miserable state of existence a human being can ever experience.

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  1. Welcome back! I can’t believe this is your first late wrap-up!!! I’m perpetually late! 😂 I’m also so impressed that you managed to fit in that many books while travelling, you must be on track for a new annual record!

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    • Thank you!!! I know, I can’t believe it either, how have I managed to stay on top of blogging for this long?? Maybe this is the beginning of the end of my timely wrap ups…

      I am DEFINITELY on track. Without doing too much math, I’ve read 51 and it’s not quite halfway through the year, so it looks like around 120? If I manage to pull that off I will be very impressed with myself. But I’m keeping my expectations reasonable, even hitting 100 again would be amazing!

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  2. Welcome back!
    I cannot wait for your thoughts on A Place For Us. Jen Campbell praised it to high heavens, otherwise this would have totally flown under my radar (it is not quite my type of book I think).

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    • Thank you!!

      Jen Campbell is definitely the reason I picked up A Place for Us. I never would have known about it otherwise but it does sound quite like the sort of thing I usually go for. Keep in mind that I’m only like 12% in so take this with a massive grain of salt but it’s not grabbing me so far? Once I put it down I’m not terribly inclined to pick it back up over the other things I’m reading. But I really need to finish it this week as publication date is looming. I really hope it sucks me in when I devote some proper time to it.

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      • I have decided to not request it mainly based on my suspicion that it would maybe bore me a little. Family dramas need to be brilliant for me to enjoy them (then I do love them though), I hope it’ll get better for you.

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  3. I love this wrap up because there are so many books I would like to read in it 😊
    I have The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock on my shelves, I am looking forward to know your opinion about it! 😉

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    • Thank you! I’m honestly not loving The Mermaid as much as I had hoped I would. It has a lot to recommend it – the writing in particular is GORGEOUS – but the story is a bit meandering… I’m trying to finish it before the Women’s Prize winner announcement, so full review to come tomorrow I hope!

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