book review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager



LOCK EVERY DOOR by Riley Sager
Dutton, July 2019


I can’t think of another contemporary thriller writer that does the page-turner as well as Riley Sager, and here he’s come up with yet another brilliant premise: a young woman answers an ad to be an apartment sitter in a swanky building in the Upper West Side – and she’s being paid $12,000 to do it, so what’s the catch? (I think the less you know going into this book the better, so I’ll just leave it there.) I imagine that Lock Every Door‘s pace will be the main drawback for some – our protagonist Jules does play amateur detective to no avail for about half the book – but with the way Sager writes, she probably could have been playing a game of chess and I’d have been equally as thrilled.

And no spoilers, but I loved that ending. I imagine it’s also going to divide opinions, as it’s not the most… conventional thriller resolution, but I thought it hit that perfect sweet spot of ‘I really should have thought of that, but I never would have thought of that.’ In my opinion this isn’t as strong as Sager’s debut Final Girls (which is pretty hard to beat), but I liked it a lot better than his follow-up effort The Last Time I Lied. I found Lock Every Door to be creepier and more original, and its protagonist more convincing. I do think Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied are more traditional crowd-pleasers, so maybe stick to one of those for an introduction to Sager, but I loved this; this is the most fun I’ve had with a thriller in ages.

You can pick up a copy of Lock Every Door here on Book Depository.

14 thoughts on “book review: Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

  1. I haven’t been won over by Riley Sager so far – I enjoyed Final Girls, but thought it got sillier as it went along, and didn’t get on with The Last Time I Lied at all – but that is a great premise!

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    • I just find his books so fun and readable – my least favorite is solidly The Last Time I Lied, but I still struggled to put it down. You might like this one better than the other two, but if you found the ending to Final Girls silly, I’m… not sure what you’d make of this one, lol! But it’s worth setting your expectations accordingly that it gets a little silly and just going with it, because it is a super fun read.

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  2. Great review! I haven’t heard anything about the ending, so that’s intriguing. Creepier and more original sounds appealing as well. I was a bit disappointed by The Last Time I Lied, but Final Girls really was a hard act to follow; but on the heels of TLTIL I think this one has a much better chance of meeting my expectations. I hope I’ll be able to pick it up this week!

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