Hannah and I have too many ARCs: an emergency readathon

Hannah and I are always lamenting how many unread ARCs we have, so we finally decided to put our money where our mouth is and actually, you know, read some of them.  So we are doing a two-person readathon for the first 2 weeks of September, where we read only ARCs in that time.  I say it’s a two-person readathon, but feel free to join us!  This isn’t going to be a big affair with prompts and hashtags and all that good stuff.  The only prompt is to read your damn ARCs already.  But if this endeavor inspires you, please do join in, we’d love to hear from you.

So, what will I be reading?  No clue.  So I am just going to tell you all of the ARCs I have.  Please don’t judge me too unkindly.

Links are included to Book Depository for each of these titles, in case you’d like to grab a copy or read more about them.



The only book I can tell you with 100% certainty that I will be reading for this readathon (assuming it arrives in the mail on time) is Liar.  Two I’ve started reading since starting this post are We, The Survivors, and Isolde and I’ll probably finish them before September so there’s really no point in including them here but I’m doing it anyway.

Otherwise, who knows.  Tell me what to read!  If a particular book gets mentioned a lot in the comments, or if someone makes a particularly compelling case, I’ll definitely be more inclined to prioritize that one.  I do know that I want to tackle a bit of backlist, so I may try to focus my attention there, but I haven’t decided yet.

Which ARCs do you have that you’re behind on reading?  Anything from this list that catches your eye?  Let’s chat!

35 thoughts on “Hannah and I have too many ARCs: an emergency readathon

  1. I absolutely loved The Western Wind, as you know, but it needs time and space. On the other hand, The Last was a good but quick read that I raced through on holiday – basically a sophisticated post-apocalyptic thriller. Machines Like Me is nothing special, but as usual with McEwan, it’s very readable. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of Home Remedies and We The Survivors, as they’re both on my TBR list.

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      • 6 is so much more manageable than this mess. I haven’t even counted how many I have. (No one tell me, I’m living in denial.) But yes, join us!!! Maybe I will create a hashtag after all.

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    • Good to know The Western Wind isn’t ideal for a readathon – maybe I’ll try to set aside some time for that one in October. I am very determined to read it and like it. The Last seems like a great suggestion though.

      I actually just finished We, The Survivors (I wrote this post weeks ago) and it’s an interesting one – I need some time to gather my thoughts… I mostly liked it with a few criticisms. It’s a lot less thrilling than its blurb makes it sound and it took a while to get into, but as a quiet portrait of contemporary Malaysian society it has a lot of sharp insights.

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    • I was always so adequate at reading my review copies before publication date, and then this year I just… fell off the wagon. This is really getting out of hand. Thank god I’m not alone, at least.

      I’m 60% through Isolde and still loving it! I cannot believe this was originally published in 1929 – what bizarrely modern sensibilities this book has.

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  2. Not that I’m one to talk, at all, but this is an astonishing number of arcs! I just got a physical copy of Gideon the Ninth in my Illmicrate box so I’m planning on reading it in September, so that one gets my vote. I also think you should read The Five and The Warlow Experiment (which I also have an arc of but probably won’t get to very soon lmao).

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    • I live to astonish!!!!!!

      Omg Gideon scares me, I’ve been doing so much big fantasy recently (RF Kuang + I’m halfway through a Robin Hobb) so I might wait another month or so for that one… The Five and The Warlow Experiment both sound SO GOOD though.

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  3. Ooh, what a list! I really enjoyed The Last, The Need, and Women Talking, and am just starting Frankissstein today, but so many others here are on my TBR (or at least my radar) that it’s impossible to vote… I’m so looking forward to seeing which of these you reach for! It looks like it should be a great readathon, in any case!

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    • I have been informed by my friend Rick on Twitter that I need to read All My Puny Sorrows before Women Talking, so I’m putting that one aside for now – but The Last and The Need are so tempting! I hope you like Frankissstein, I think I may prioritize that one as well because of the Booker.

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      • Ooh, interesting! Women Talking was my first Toews, I didn’t know it had any connection to All My Puny Sorrows or that it was preferable to read her books in any particular order. But I do want to read another of her novels, so perhaps I should reach for that one next!

        I’m only about 50 pages into Frankissstein so far, but I am LOVING it. I hope you have good luck with it as well, and any of the other ARCs you decide to pick up!

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      • For context for Rick’s comment: I don’t think the two books have anything to do with each other, he just really wants me to read All My Puny Sorrows and I recently picked up a copy, so I think he doesn’t want me to get sidetracked hahaha. But I’ve heard AMPS is sad and brilliant so I’m sure I’ll love it.

        So happy to hear that about Frankissstein! I’m so excited to pick it up!!

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