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FIND ME by André Aciman
FSG, October 2019


In Call Me by Your Name, first published in 2007, André Aciman introduced Elio, an adolescent boy living with his family in the Italian Riviera, and Oliver, the charming graduate student houseguest with whom he falls in love. The book charts their passionate affair and concludes with a bittersweet crescendo; a tricky ending to expand into a sequel without sacrificing the perfect balance of realism and romanticism that caused Call Me by Your Name to resonate with so many readers. Find Me not only rises to that challenge but exceeds it. While a prior attachment to these characters is arguably necessary to get the full emotional payoff of the sequel, it could otherwise be read as a standalone; knowledge of the first book’s plot is not essential.

You can read the rest of my review HERE on BookBrowse, and you can read a piece I did on popular literary sequels HERE.

You can pick up a copy of Find Me here on Book Depository, and Call Me By Your Name here.

3 thoughts on “book review: Find Me by André Aciman | BookBrowse

  1. I read the preview available on Goodreads and I found it hard to stop reading, she’s so charming and relatable! Nice to know that it’s not essential to read the first book, but would you recommend it anyway?

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    • Good question! Actually, I don’t think I would? The only benefit to reading the first book is to get the extent of the emotional payoff by the end of the second, but honestly, I was never all that invested in Oliver and Elio’s relationship, and I found that narrative thread to be the least compelling part of Find Me…

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