book review: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater



THE DREAM THIEVES by Maggie Stiefvater
(The Raven Cycle #2)
Scholastic, 2013


I think I may have to throw in the towel with this series.  In my weirdly negative 4 star review of The Raven Boys I more or less said ‘I didn’t love this, but I think it has the potential to grow on me as I get more invested in the characters.’  Instead, the exact opposite happened when I finally picked up the sequel: I became even less invested, and the characters became even less interesting to me.

To be fair, I was always going to struggle with The Dream Thieves (which I’ve seen widely hailed as the strongest book in this series) because its very premise hinges on something I can’t stand: fictional dreams.  But honestly, I didn’t care for a single one of the subplots, dreams or no dreams.  And something else that surprised me is how much I’m disliking Maggie Stiefvater’s prose in this series, given how strong I thought it was in her standalone novel The Scorpio Races.  Maybe I should stop trying to make YA happen for me?

Book Depository links: The Raven Boys | The Dream Thieves | The Scorpio Races

29 thoughts on “book review: The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

    • Aren’t they THE WORST?! It’s always shit like, a character who has a bad relationship with his dad has a dream about how his dad won’t speak to him and from that we’re meant to conclude that – SHOCKINGLY – he has a bad relationship with his dad. I’ve never seem a dream sequence employed in fiction in a way that isn’t heavy-handed as all hell.

      I’ve definitely come to the same conclusion but am still trying to work out what exactly works for me in YA and what doesn’t!

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    • Oooh interesting – would you recommend persevering with the series? I’ve only heard from people who loved this book, telling me that if I didn’t like it I won’t like the rest. It just felt like such a filler book to me!

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    • RIGHT???

      Hmmm would you recommend I continue?! If I do continue it’s not with the hope that I fall in love with the last 2 books because lol I know that’s not gonna happen, but if they’re more enjoyable than TDT I’d consider it.

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      • If you liked the first one and also knowing you like having things finished, I think you should! Books 3 and 4 are not like book 2, and I think #3 tends to be a favorite among the readers.

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      • Interesting, I’d heard from SO many people that book 2 was the widely agreed upon favorite! But knowing that book 3 is good definitely makes me more likely to continue.

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      • LOL. I just don’t know what to do with this series. Usually book 1 is my favorite too, but I had a lot of issues with book 1 here and was left with the impression that the series would grow on me, but after book 2 idk…!

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      • Gosh I’m a bit decided on what to tell you, because now it’s been maybe a year or two that I read it and I don’t remember it so well, but I think this just never grew on me. But my aunt, who reads a lot more YA fantasy than I do, absolutely LOVED it. I don’t know, it seems to appeal to lots of readers… which kinda makes me feel like a grinch oops


    • YES completely! Dreams are complete nonsense. Sometimes I look at dream interpretation websites just for a laugh but unironically ascribing meaning to dreams is such an annoyance to me.

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  1. Usually fictional dreams don’t work for me either and I think this was my least favorite of the series, but I loved all of these books a few years ago. And yet, I don’t think I would like them as much now, so I can’t really recommend them from that mindset. I did add The Scorpio Races to my TBR though!


  2. This was my favourite instalment of the series back when I was young and foolish, but I recently reread and lord it is really not that great. Loved the Scorpio Races but unsure whether I’ll pick up another Stiefvater soon…

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    • I really wish I’d read these when I was a teen – I’m not 100% positive I would have loved them because I never was a huge YA reader, but I think I would have been so much more impressed with the writing itself! But yes, The Scorpio Races is marvelous, the difference in quality of prose between that one and this series is STAGGERING.

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      • That’s exactly how I felt after I read the Scorpio Races and compared it to these! Love that novel so much – and I think you’re right, the Raven Boys series definitely benefitted from me being younger/very into that kind of YA when I read it

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