wrap up: August 2020

  1. The Bookwanderers by Anna James ★★★★★ | review to come
  2. Stop Kiss by Diana Son ★★★★☆
  3. Henry IV Part 1 by William Shakespeare ★★★☆☆
  4. Cymbeline by William Shakespeare ★★★★☆
  5. The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave ★★★★☆ | review
  6. The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani ★★★★☆
  7. Henry IV Part 2 by William Shakespeare ★★☆☆☆
  8. Out by Natsuo Kirino ★★★☆☆ | review


Favorite: The Bookwanderers
Least favorite: Henry IV Part 2

Other posts from August:

Life updates:

I got an iPhone 11 Pro and the quality of my cat photos has VASTLY IMPROVED. Follow on Twitter for daily cat spam.

Currently reading:

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14 thoughts on “wrap up: August 2020

  1. tried to read Out this month and got 58% into it before i gave up…from what ive read it sounds like it got much more exciting towards the end, but i didnt find what id read particularly exciting…will look forward to reading your review 👀 (also your new iphone cat pics are 💯💯💯💯💯💯 your cats are always so photo ready the camera loves them !!!!)

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  2. It looks like a great reading month! I will be very interested in your review of Out by Natsuo Kirino. I know that it is a very popular book, but I have been on the fence for ages whether to read it or not. In particular, I wonder how it handled the portrayal of yakuza since goodreads states: there is a “a convincing glimpse into the grimy world of Japan’s yakuza”. Really interesting. Your cats are amazing too!


  3. I had no idea you would read a Middle Grade book? I don’t know why I made that assumption. I really want to try Anna James’ book because I love her, but Middle Grade is so hard for me to get into. Definitely might try it now. ALSO, we are immensely grateful for the cat photos, now improved.


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