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THE PROJECT by Courtney Summers
Wednesday Books, 2020

Bea and Lo Denham are inseparable sisters until their parents die in a car crash that Lo narrowly survives. Bea, depressed and desperate after the accident, falls into the arms of The Unity Project, a religious community that embraces her as she abandons her sister to the care of their great aunt. Years later, alone in the world after the death of their aunt and working as a secretary for a prestigious journalist, 19-year-old Lo is determined to unmask The Unity Project for what she believes it to be: a cult that indoctrinated her unwitting sister.

You can read my full review HERE on BookBrowse, and you can read a piece I wrote about cult psychology HERE.

5 thoughts on “book review: The Project by Courtney Summers | BookBrowse

  1. Great review! Even though the cult aspect really appealed to me here I was a little wary about picking this one up after finding Sadie so impressive- a hard act to follow. But aside from Lo being perhaps too young, this sounds like an excellent read, the sort of dark and contemplative YA that continues to entice me as an adult. I’ll definitely want to pick up a copy now!

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    • I totally know what you mean. It’s VERY different from Sadie and frankly not as good, but the fact that it’s a completely different book makes it feel like it isn’t really falling flat in comparison, if that makes sense? Definitely worth reading if it intrigues you!

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  2. I’m only about 12% into this book, but literally my FIRST thought was about the discordance of the text and intended audience! It reads so adult! When Lo was confronting her boss about not advancing in her career I literally had to check to see how old she was supposed to be, because it seemed like she was in her twenties at least. I’m guessing they just didn’t want to lose out on Summers’ devoted YA audience and so marketed it as such, but I will say that, in my experience at least, Wednesday Books tends to put out a lot of books that are YA but read adult (they’re one of my favorite publishers!).

    Also the article you wrote on cults is such a great primer!

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    • RIGHT!!!! I actually had to touch base with one of my friends who was also reading this book at the same time as me because I was like ‘how much of this is a fair criticism and how much is it just… me not liking YA’ but she had the EXACT same feeling (especially re that confronting her boss scene U G H) that I definitely felt justified in mentioning it. So interesting that you feel so similarly. I still thought this was a skillfully written, worthwhile book, I was just like… for god’s sake Courtney let Lo be 30!!!!

      Ooh thank you, glad you enjoyed!

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