Hannah and I have too many ARCs: #ARCsofshame 2021

That’s right, #ARCsofshame is back for the third year running!

If you are not familiar with #ARCsofshame, it is a readathon that Hannah and I host for 2 weeks every September. When I say readathon… Hannah and I are usually the only people who participate. There are no prompts except “read your damn ARCs already.” But you are all more than welcome to join us! Don’t listen to Hannah, there IS a hashtag, #ARCsofshame, which I think Laura Frey coined? Not totally sure on that. But yeah, this is more us publicly holding ourselves accountable than anything, so feel free to join in if that sounds fun to you! We will be doing this the first 2 weeks of September this year.

I made a TBR for this project in 2019 and 2020. To be fair to me, I was never intending to read every book off those lists in a single two week period. But now it’s been… a hot second, so, let’s see how I’ve done.

I have read 9 books off my 2019 list, and 5 books off my 2020 list.


So one of my goals for this year is to read one of the unread books off my 2019 list, and one off my 2020 list. From 2019 I’m eyeing The Glass Woman and from 2020 I’m eyeing The Majesties and It is Wood, It is Stone, but I’m not totally settled on any of those.

Otherwise, here’s what I’ve acquired since that I have yet to read:

I’m not reading Cathedral for this as I think it’s over 600 pages, and I will 100% be reading The Women of Troy as I intend to review that for BookBrowse with a mid-September deadline, but otherwise, I’m totally open.

So… what should I read?? Help!


28 thoughts on “Hannah and I have too many ARCs: #ARCsofshame 2021

  1. Haven’t read any of these, but Heaven, Madam, The Maidens, The Turnout, The Manningtree Witches, All’s Well are all in my tbr for sometime in the next months…

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    • First off HELLO I didn’t know you had a blog, but I clicked your blog name and it took me to a site that’s no longer available, do you have an active blog or do you just use this account to comment?

      Those are all high up on my list!! I may be deprioritizing The Manningtree Witches though, a friend read that recently and sent me a few passages and it seems VERY wordy, and slow reads obviously aren’t ideal for a readathon, but the rest of those I’d love to try to get to!


  2. I am excited! (and how could I forget #arcsofshame, which was indeed coined by Laura)
    I also have an ARC for Mirrorland which I keep forgetting about. So maybe you picking it up would finally give me the needed push!

    I am also very interested in your thoughts on Nightbitch and All’s Well. Both of which are on my radar but somehow I cannot commit.

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    • I really should have fact-checked the Laura thing before posting, I thought I might have just made that up!

      Oooh I forgot you also had Mirrorland. I’ve been in a thriller mood lately and they’re always such quick reads, I might just do a thriller-heavy readathon. But Nightbitch and All’s Well are both so high on my TBR too!

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      • So, I am on my ten minute break for one of my 20/10. So obviously I am looking at books I would rather be reading than my thesis books. Mirrorland is one of those books that I always forget about and then I go and read the blurb and reviews and I am always very excited again. Maybe I should just go for it. It’s also relatively short!

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  3. I believe I did coin #ArcsofShame and I believe I will join you again, still with my pile of circa 203-2015 arcs, from when I was a legit book blogger 😀

    There are a ton of good choices here! I’ll just name the ones I’m personally interested in reading: 100 Boyfriends, Mayflies, Nightbitch. But honestly these all look solid.

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    • My hero!!!

      ARCs from 203??? You’re not THAT old surely.

      I think I’m almost definitely going to read Nightbitch, it seems so like my kind of book.


  4. Haven’t read or actually own any of them, but the Megan Abbott gets great reviews ..
    I have also a tons of unread books on my Kindle …

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  5. You have so many great ARCs! As you know, I liked The Women of Troy and found it an absorbing read, though perhaps not as pacy and gripping as The Silence of the Girls, at least not until the second half. I’d be especially interested to hear your thoughts on Mirrorland and The Manningtree Witches.

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    • I’m really curious to see how The Women of Troy will compare to TSOTG — I didn’t think that book needed a sequel in the first place, but I really adored it so I’m curious to see where she goes with that story.

      I might go for Mirrorland! It looks fun and pacy. I’ve heard The Manningtree Witches is a bit of a slow read so I don’t think I’ll pick it up for this readathon, but I’m really curious about it, I definitely want to get to it before the end of the year.

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  6. I really want to read All’s Well. I have Night Bitch and After Parties on my ARC of Shame list too, so I might join in with you there. Small Things Like These is another masterpiece by Claire Keegan. I adored it.

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  7. I am currently reading The Manningtree Witches so I guess I’ll say you should read that one! I really want to read Ghost Forest though as the author comes from the same city as me and I recently learned we have some mutual friends. And I’m eager to read The Women of Troy since I liked Silence of the Girls so much.

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      • I’m having trouble getting into Manningtree Witches so far but I think it’s going to be good. It’s reminding me a little bit of Hannah Kent’s writing and a bit of The Mercies too.

        Thanks for appreciating my almost connection with an author! My husband was less impressed, haha!


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