book review: The Women of Troy by Pat Barker | BookBrowse

Doubleday, 2021

Set in the liminal days following the Trojan War, The Women of Troy follows Briseis, who the reader may have met in this novel’s precursor, The Silence of the Girls. Briseis begins that story as a free married woman in Troy and ends up a captive and slave of Achilles, the Greek fighter to whom she was given as a war prize when her city was sacked. Though Pat Barker begins The Women of Troy right where the last book left off, the sequel reads comfortably as a standalone. The two novels together, however, form a fuller picture of the life of Briseis.

You can read my full review HERE on BookBrowse and a piece I wrote about Cassandra of Troy HERE.

2 thoughts on “book review: The Women of Troy by Pat Barker | BookBrowse

  1. I’m thrilled that the third book in the trilogy will be told from Cassandra’s point of view! That makes it feel even weirder not to pick a different narrator for this book, though. Maybe Barker wanted an ‘outside’ perspective on the women of Troy?


  2. Great review! I definitely want to read this one since I loved The Silence of the Girls so much but I also wonder if it can truly live up to my expectations. Knowing that there will be a third book from with a different narrator does make it seem like using Briseis again here is kind of a missed opportunity. Something from the perspective of an older character like Hecuba would be really interesting, I think. Also, I just hate Pyrrhus so much after reading The Song of Achilles that I don’t want to read anything more about him!


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