The One Lovely Blog Award #3

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Sarah – thank you!!  Everyone go check out Sarah’s blog, she’s so lovely and has great taste in books and we also like all the same horror movies, so that has to count for something.


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7 Facts About Me

1. Maybe people already know this, but in case you guys don’t….. a public service announcement!!  The ‘pace’ in my username is pronounced like ‘PAH-chay,’ not the English word ‘pace.’

2. I’ve apparently watched 60 movies so far this year and I have literally no idea how that happened.

3. I don’t believe in astrology at all because I am the most un-Aries person to ever exist.  I’m not competitive, I hate conflict, I’m kind of timid, I’m not very optimistic or loud or courageous… I can definitely be impatient though.  So at least I’ve got one Aries trait.

4. I have very bad luck with cars.  I have had the following misfortunes befall me: flat tire, running out of gas, car accident, being pulled over, having my car towed, having my car damaged by the truck that towed it… ironically I am a pretty decent driver??  This is all probably proportionate to how much I drive, which is definitely more than the average person.

5. Bagels are my favorite food.

6. My Myers-Briggs type is either INFJ or INFP….. I don’t think I’m necessarily one or the other 100%.  Whether I’m more J-type or P-type depends entirely on the situation.

7. The hardest reviews for me to write are the ones where I loved the book.  I end up feeling like I’m just using the same superlative adjectives over and over.  I struggle with this even more than reviews where I just found the book sort of okay.  Those tend to be easy for me for whatever reason.  (This fact is brought to you by: the ungodly long time it took me to write my ridiculously short review of The Absolutist.)

I’m not nominating anyone as I’ve done this award before and I’ve decided to only nominate on ones that I’m doing for the first time.  Anyway, thanks again, Sarah!

The One Lovely Blog Award #2


I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Bibliofiles13 – thank you!  Go check out their blog if you haven’t already, their book reviews are great.

The Rules

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7 Facts About Me

1. I have a freakishly good memory… I read this exchange from JK Rowling’s The Silkworm last night and sent it to three of my friends who all replied immediately being like ‘that is literally you though.’  (Nothing spoilery in this dialogue.)

“Go on,” said Culpepper noncommittally.
“You’ve got a cousin called Nina who works for Roper Chard–”
“How the hell do you know that?”
“You told me,” said Strike patiently.
“Few months ago when I was investigating that dodgy dentist for you.”
“Your fucking memory,” said Culpepper, sounding less impressed than unnerved.  “It’s not normal.  What about her?”

2. I try to set a TBR each month but I’m such a mood reader at heart.  I definitely believe that ‘this came to me at the right/wrong time’ is a very valid experience to have with any given book.

3. I’m currently making an effort to use Twitter more often, so feel free to follow me @paceamoregelato for hopefully bookish things as well as pictures of my cats and me complaining about seasonal allergies.

4. I went to Tulane University in New Orleans but I never had to evacuate for a hurricane.  The only #hurrication that happened those four years was in the fall when I was abroad.

5. At my last count I think I’ve met either 21 or 22 online friends in real life.

6. I swear a lot… a lot, a lot, a lot, so I’m actually proud of the fact that my blog has managed to not be terribly profane so far.

7. The only cars I’ve ever owned have been stick shifts.  The few times I’ve driven automatics, I always forget to put them in park (why is that a thing?!) and then have a momentary panic when they don’t start.

I nominate:

Chelsea / Steph / Hadeer

Charlotte / Ann / Kristin

Though I will obviously not be offended if you skip it.

Have a good day, friends!

The One Lovely Blog Award


I was nominated by my lovely friend Chelsea @ Spotlight on Stories – go check out her blog if you haven’t already!  If you like my blog but wish I read more SFF (or wish I lived somewhere with a bigger theatre scene), you will love her reviews.


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  1. I’m an only child, and I love it.  I’m a dictionary definition introvert – I get really exhausted when I spend too much time around other people, need to be on my own to recharge, etc. – so I was always appreciative to have a lot of time on my own growing up.
  2. In that vein, I don’t want kids.  Never have.  I know I could always change my mind, but I’d wager a pretty large sum of money that I won’t.  There is nothing worse to me than the sound of a toddler shrieking.  (If I ever did change my mind, I would adopt, and that’s absolutely non-negotiable.)
  3. I’ve never had a nosebleed.  I’m not sure why that came to mind.
  4. My biggest claim to fame is that I once spent five hours stranded in an airport with Stephen Fishbach (a former two-time Survivor contestant) and we got to chatting for quite a while and he was very indignant on my behalf when it looked like I was going to miss my connection because of our absurdly long delay.  I made my connection.  Stephen Fishbach was pleased.
  5. I get more stressed out when I’m traveling with people than I do when I’m traveling alone.  The stakes feel higher, I guess, like if something goes wrong it’s not only my own day that’s being ruined.  If I’m on my own, it takes away a lot of that pressure.  Again, major introvert here.
  6. I hate to cook.  I’m not awful at it, but I’m not great, either, and it just stresses me out.
  7. I snuck into the Louvre once, but I have a kind of reasonable explanation for this.  Okay, so, I was in Paris with a friend a few years back, and we spent hours in the Louvre, and one sculpture we both really wanted to see was Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss by Antonio Canova.  However, it’s in this one wing toward the entrance that we missed, and we decided we’d catch it on our way out.  Unfortunately, by the time we got there the museum was closing, and they wouldn’t let anyone into that wing.  The guard we were talking to saw how distraught we were, and said that if we wanted to come back the next day, we could text him and he’d let us in for free to see the sculpture.  So we got his number, came back the next day – the day we were leaving Paris – and texted him, but he could only text back on his break, and we didn’t hear back and time was running out before our train left.  My friend could get in for free anyway because she’s German and was an EU citizen and a student, but since I’m American, I would have had to pay the entry fee again, which felt a little ridiculous since I was just seeing one sculpture, which I’d already gotten permission to see for free by someone who worked there, who just didn’t happen to be available at that moment.  So I took out my student ID which just said the name of my University and not the country, flashed it to the person who was admitting us, put on a stupid English accent, and insisted my school was in England until she let me in.  We saw the sculpture, and it was completely worth my deception.  I’m ordinarily very rule abiding, I swear.  This is one of the more rebellious things I’ve ever done.


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