My Good Reading Habits Tag

In contrast to the Bad Reading Habits Tag that’s going around, Ally created the Good Reading Habits Tag, where we basically cut ourselves some slack and talk about the bookish things that we think we do well.  Thanks for tagging me, Ally!


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Some bookish things I think I am decent at:

Reading outside my comfort zone: If I asked someone to describe my taste in books they’d probably say ‘literary fiction’ and they would not be wrong.  I know that’s what I like and I always end up coming back to it.  But it also doesn’t stop me from randomly taking a chance on a book like Vita Nostra that I really have no reason to believe I’ll like, because fantasy has never been my favorite genre, and ending up with a fantastic reading experience.  Obviously this method backfires and I end up with quite a lot of ‘I don’t know what I expected’ moments, usually with YA, but I’m open to trying just about anything and I think it’s good for readers to expand their horizons to avoid getting stuck in a rut with a single genre.

Reading multiple books at once: This alone is a fairly neutral habit that I wouldn’t consider either good or bad, but I think I do a good job with it.  I know that some people don’t like to read multiple books at once because they can’t keep details straight, but I have a good memory for details and don’t tend to confuse the different books I’m reading.

Giving books a fair chance: I don’t DNF (I talked about that here), which means that I end up appreciating a lot of books that don’t hook me in the first 20% or so.  Again, DNFing and not DNFing are both neutral habits, but I think my open-mindedness with the books I read allows me to have a lot of very positive reading experiences.  If I don’t think I’ll like a book I am always very willing to be proven wrong.

Talking about books: It feels a bit narcissistic writing this one out and I want to clarify that I don’t think my reviews are amazing or anything, a lot of times I read them back and think ‘oh god, why did I use that word, why did I explain that concept like that, why do I always write out adjectives in groups of threes,’ typical writing nonsense.  But in terms of content, I think I’m decent at evaluating books, and just conveying my overall impression of a book in a way that’s both personal (because reading is always going to be subjective) and analytical enough that we can dig a bit deeper than ‘I liked this book so you guys should read it.’

Tagging anyone who feels like talking about their good bookish habits!