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For the time being, I am NOT accepting review requests from authors.  I’m sorry – I’m swamped at the moment!  I’ll update this page when my availability clears up.

In the future, when I begin to accept requests again, I ask that your book falls into one of the following categories: literary fiction, general fiction, mystery/thrillers, historical fiction, mythology, plays.  I WILL NOT accept review requests for any of the following genres: fantasy, science fiction, YA, women’s fiction, religion, sports, nonfiction, romance.  I want to see your book do well, and if I don’t have the knowledge or passion to approach your book with an open mind, I am probably not the best reviewer for you!  But if your book falls into one of my accepted genres, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I accept review requests in exchange for honest reviews only.

Note: please allow me to up to one week to respond to emails.  Usually it won’t take that long, but depending on my schedule, it occasionally will.  Blogging and reviewing is something I do as a hobby on top of a full time job, so my availability varies.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!