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For the time being, I am ONLY accepting review requests from publishers.  If you’re an author and you’ve got a book you’d think I’d like, please feel free to have your publisher get in touch!

I am only accepting review requests for the following genres: literary fiction, general fiction, mystery/thrillers, historical fiction, mythology.  I WILL NOT accept review requests for any of the following: fantasy, science fiction, YA, women’s fiction, religion, sports, nonfiction, romance.  I want to see your book do well, and if I don’t have the knowledge or passion to approach your book with an open mind, I am probably not the best reviewer for you!

I accept review requests in exchange for honest reviews only.

I prefer print copies, but I will accept mobi and epub files.

Note: please allow me to up to one week to respond to emails.  Blogging and reviewing is something I do as a hobby on top of a full time job, so my availability varies.  If you don’t hear back from me after a week, you’re more than welcome to sent a follow up email.  Thank you for your patience and understanding!