Rapid Fire Book Tag

I have so many tags and awards to catch up on and I’m going to try to do this chronologically… I was tagged by the wonderful Hadeer a while ago to do the Rapid Fire Book Tag, so here we go!

Question 1: E-books or Physical Books?

Both.  I wouldn’t be able to use just one or the other.  I love the weight and smell and texture of physical books, but I also love the convenience of my Kindle, especially for Netgalley.  In an ideal world I’d have enough money to buy brand new hardcopies of every book I want to read, but until that day, I’ll continue to juggle ebooks and physical copies.

Question 2: Paperbacks or Hardbacks?

Paperbacks. I love the aesthetic of hardcovers, but they’re a pain to carry around.

Question 3: Online or In-store Shopping?

In store.

Question 4: Trilogies or Series?

It depends on the series, but usually I say the shorter the better.

Question 5: Heroes or Villains?


Question 6: A Book You Want Everyone To Read

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Question 7: The Last Book You Finished

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie – my one word review on Goodreads was “Brilliant.”

Question 8: The Last Book You Bought

Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie

Question 9: Weirdest Thing You’ve Used as a Bookmark

I’ll use anything as a bookmark.  I use my phone a lot.  Ironically, I have probably at least 100 of the free Book Depository bookmarks lying around my house since I get them at work… they just never seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Question 10: Used Book Yes or No?

Yes.  I prefer browsing new book stores just because the layout is usually more navigable – I wish I were one of those people who enjoyed browsing chaotic used bookshops where you need to dig around for an hour to find a hidden gem, but I don’t like that very much.  I prefer bookstores to be organized logically.  In terms of buying books though, I really don’t care if they’re used or new.

Question 11: Favorite Book Genre


Question 12: Buy or Borrow?

Buy, just because my local library is very, very small.  It depends on where I’m living, though.  If I lived somewhere with a better library system, I’d use the library a lot more.

Question 13: Characters or Plot?

Characters.  No contest.

Question 14: Long or Short Books?

It really depends.  I’m inclined to say short, but some of my all-time favorites are over 500 pages (A Little Life, East of Eden, The Iliad, The Pillars of the Earth, Les Miserables…..)

Question 15: Long or Short Chapters?

SHORT.  I will never for any reason whatsoever prefer long chapters.

Question 16: Name the first three books you think of

The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Maurice by E.M. Forster, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Question 17: Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry

Cry.  I don’t cry very often, but I always prefer dark and sad books.

Question 18: Audiobooks Yes or No?

No.  I can’t concentrate when I’m listening to audiobooks or podcasts, I’m a very visual person.  And it sucks, because my commute to work is a 1.5 hour drive round trip every day, so it’s a ton of time I could be ‘reading’ if only I could concentrate on audiobooks.

Question 19: Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

I mainly use covers to figure out what genre a book is in, if I’m seeing it outside the context of being shelved by genre (e.g., when browsing Goodreads giveaways, if I see a cover with a girl in a dress holding a sword, I’m going to dismiss it outright because it’s probably YA fantasy which isn’t my thing.)

Question 20:Book to Movie or TV adaptation?

It depends, but I think miniseries are usually the best option for book adaptations.

Question 21: A Movie or TV show you preferred to the book

Brooklyn (by Colm Toibin).

Question 22: Series or Standalones?

Standalones, since I read SFF very rarely.

I Tag

Ann Reads Them // Ella @ A Book Without End // Sarah Ames-Foley // Bookish In Bed // Olivia @ Arrow and Dot

I’ve lost track of who’s done this one already… anyway, if you want to do it, consider yourself tagged!

26 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. Thank you for tagging me 😄! And I love how you explained your choice for most of the questions, and then it came to ‘heroes or villains’, and your answer was a simple – Villains. Period. Totally agree with you 😂

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  2. Pity about the audiobooks, but I know what you mean. I used to listen to them when I had a long commute, but I could only cope with either re-reads, so it didn’t matter if I missed bits, or short stories or dramas. Once they get self-drive cars sorted, think of all the extra reading time you’ll have though… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, the biggest tragedy of my life is that I get motion sick and can’t read on any kind of transport – even planes, which I always think is weird. So that’s yet another reason I really need to train myself to pay attention to audiobooks!!! Listening to music on public transport just feels so unproductive.

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  3. Yay, thanks for tagging me! I browse used bookstores sometimes but compared to other bookstores: hardly ever. It’s partly because they rarely have a system so I have to spend ages searching, but mostly because the ones around here just don’t have any of the titles I want in English. Usually they just have translated Norwegian editions and it’s just not my preference, especially for books originally written in English. I totally would buy more used books if they had a better selection though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s interesting! I hadn’t thought about that. When I lived in Italy most of the bookstores had a decent enough English selection, but at the time I was also focused on learning Italian, so I don’t think I bought any English language books that year. Do you have any huge chains like Barnes & Noble in Norway?

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      • Yeah, generally the English selection in any bookstore is relatively small, although it’s recently gotten a bit better. With used bookstores though it depends on what people donate and I guess the majority have Norwegian books. We don’t have any of the huge chains, sadly! I really wish though. We only have the national/nordic chains so I guess that’s a big reason as well that the main language is Norwegian. Generally, the bigger the city, the bigger the English section in bookstores XD

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  4. Great answers! I’m kind of with you on the used bookstores. We have a used bookstore chain in Toronto called BMV (I think there are three locations?) and it’s fabulous though, clearly divided by genre and alphabetical by author’s name within the genre, so it’s a lot like browsing a new bookstore in terms of being able to find everything. The flagship store is three levels too! Both of my favourite used stores in the city are well organized like this, but the more traditional chaotic stuff piled everywhere, you have to dig used bookstores stress me out and I feel like I might miss something.

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    • See, that sort of used bookstore I love! All the convenience of a new bookstore, with all the prices of a used one. We’ll have to add that bookstore to the list when I visit you. So yes, agreed completely. Whenever I go to Barnes & Noble with Ashley, she heads for the used section where you have to dig through bins for an hour to find something good, and I head for the clearly marked new book shelves upstairs.


      • It’s definitely on the list! I actually took other Rachel there when she came to visit, and she found and bought a few things I think. The digging is so hard. I can do it for a bit – a few bins – but after that I get tired and give up. Much better to have organized sections!

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